Cycling at the 1983 Summer Universiade

The Cycling Tournament at the 1983 Summer Universiade took place in Edmonton, Alberta (Canada) in July 1983. Cycling was included in the Summer Universiade programme as an optional sport.[1] There were 12 cycling events; 8 for track cycling and 4 for road cycling.[2] The venue for track cycling was the Argyll Velodrome. The finish of the road races were in Hawerlark Park.


Track time trialsEdit

In the afternoon competition on 4 July under the sun at the Argyll Velodrome, two cyclists from the Soviet Union won men's and women's 1 km time trial. Aleksandr Panfilov took the men's event in 1:06.874 seconds, 1.015 sec ahead of the silver medalist Stefano Baudino from Italy and 1.1667 sec faster than Andris Zelch-Lotchmelis of the Soviet Union. In the women's time trial Erika Salumäe of the USSR captured the gold with a time of 1:14.554. Isabelle Nicoloso of France, who was 1.316 seconds slower, won the silver medal and Soviet Nadezhda Kibardina finished third.

Women's road raceEdit

The team of the Soviet Union rode with their team throughout the race very strong. At the end there was a front group of three riders, two from the Soviet Union (Nadezhda Kibardina and Tamara Poliakova) and Jeannie Longo from France. On the finish in Hawerlark Park Kibardina won the sprint ahead of Poliakova and Longo.


Medal tableEdit

1  Soviet Union (URS)106521
2  France (FRA)1326
3  Italy (ITA)1113
4  Netherlands (NED)0101
  Romania (ROM)0101
6  Canada (CAN)0011
  China (CHN)0011
  Cuba (CUB)0011
  South Korea (KOR)0011
Totals (9 entries)12121236


Road cyclingEdit

Event[3] Gold Silver Bronze
Men's road race[4]   Sergio Scremin (ITA)   Pavel Muzhitskiy (URS)   Shin Dea Cheul (KOR)
Men's team time trial[5]   Soviet Union
Yuriy Kashirin
Sergey Navolokin
Sergey Voronin
Yevgeniy Korolkov
Henk Boeve
Maarten Ducrot
Willem Jennen
Tanke Kolkhuis
Ennio Minello
Roberto Paoletti
Fabio Sciamanna
Sergio Scremin
Women's road race[6]   Nadezhda Kibardina (URS)   Tamara Poliakova (URS)   Jeannie Longo (FRA)
Women's time trial[7]   Tamara Poliakova (URS)   L. Slepokurova (URS)   Nadezhda Kibardina (URS)

Track cyclingEdit

Event[8] Gold Silver Bronze
Men's sprint   Aleksey Dotsenko (URS)   Yemzar Guelachvili (URS)   Almenares Triana (CUB)
Men's 1 km time trial   Aleksandr Panfilov (URS)
  Stefano Baudino (ITA)
+ 1.015
  Andris Zelch-Lotchmelis (URS)
+ 1.1667
Men's individual pursuit   Aleksandr Krasnov (URS)   Viktor Manakov (URS)   Alex Stieda (CAN)
Men's points race   Viktor Manakov (URS)   Gheorghe Lautara (ROM)   Robert Spezzatti (FRA)
Women's sprint   Erika Salumäe (URS)   Isabelle Nicoloso (FRA)   Yang Guiling (CHN)
Women's 1 km time trial   Erika Salumäe (URS)
  Isabelle Nicoloso (FRA)
+ 1.316
  Nadezhda Kibardina (URS)
Women's individual pursuit   Nadezhda Kibardina (URS)   Jeannie Longo (FRA)   Tamara Polyakova (URS)
Women's points race   Isabelle Nicoloso (FRA)   Erika Salumäe (URS)   Yekaterina Starikova (URS)


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