Currumbin Alley is a surf break at Currumbin on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. The Alley is one of the more famous breaks on the Gold Coast along with Superbank and Burleigh Heads among others. Waves wrap around the point and towards the creek. It is exposed to perfect beginners conditions towards the creek and some right-handers towards the point. There's also a great wave just across the channel called Lacey's Lane. The Alley marks the mouth of Currumbin Creek.

Getting thereEdit

Drive along the Gold Coast Highway, north from Tugun and south from Palm Beach. You should reach Currumbin Bridge. When approaching from the north, drive over the bridge and turn off the highway, heading towards the beach. The Alley is in between the rock wall and the rocks. When approaching from the south, drive along Currumbin Beach until you reach the creek mouth.


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