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Currency Symbols (Unicode block)

Currency Symbols is a Unicode block containing characters for representing unique monetary signs. Many currency signs can be found in other unicode blocks, especially when the currency symbol is unique to a country that uses a script not generally used outside that country.

Currency Symbols
(48 code points)
Symbol setsCurrency signs
Assigned32 code points
Unused16 reserved code points
Unicode version history
1.0.011 (+11)
2.012 (+1)
2.113 (+1)
3.016 (+3)
3.218 (+2)
4.122 (+4)
5.225 (+3)
6.026 (+1)
6.227 (+1)
7.030 (+3)
8.031 (+1)
10.032 (+1)
Note: [1][2]

The display of Unicode currency symbols among various typefaces is inconsistent, more so than other characters in the repertoire. The French franc sign (U+20A3) is typically displayed as a struck-through F, but various versions of Garamond display it as an Fr ligature. The peseta sign (U+20A7), inherited from code page 437, is usually displayed as a Pts ligature, but Roboto displays it as a Pt ligature and Arial Unicode MS displays it as a partially struck-through P. The rupee sign (U+20A8) is usually displayed as an Rs digraph, but Microsoft Sans Serif uses the quantity-neutral "Rp" diagraph instead.


Currency Symbols[1][2]
Official Unicode Consortium code chart (PDF)
  0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F
1.^ As of Unicode version 11.0
2.^ Grey areas indicate non-assigned code points


The following Unicode-related documents record the purpose and process of defining specific characters in the Currency Symbols block:

Version Final code points[a] Count L2 ID WG2 ID Document
1.0.0 U+20A0..20AA 11 (to be determined)
2.0 U+20AB 1 N1092R Encoding the Vietnamese currency symbol in the BMP, 1995-03-06
N1203 Umamaheswaran, V. S.; Ksar, Mike (1995-05-03), "", Unconfirmed minutes of SC2/WG2 Meeting 27, Geneva
N1232 Usage of Dong Symbol, 1995-06-20
2.1 U+20AC 1 L2/97-081 N1566 Umamaheswaran, V. S. (1997-06-23), EURO in ISO 10646
3.0 U+20AD 1 L2/98-061 N1720 Umamaheswaran, V. S. (1998-02-27), KIP SIGN - Laotian Currency Sign
U+20AE 1 L2/98-360 N1857 Sato, T. K. (1998-08-15), Addition of Tugrik sign on ISO/IEC 10646-1
U+20AF 1 L2/99-025 N1946 Everson, Michael (1999-01-20), Addition of the DRACHMA SIGN to the UCS
L2/99-077.1 N1975 Irish Comments on SC 2 N 3210, 1999-01-20
L2/10-253 N3866 Everson, Michael (2010-07-19), Proposal to change the glyph of the DRACHMA SIGN
3.2 U+20B0 1 L2/98-309 N2188 Dünßer, Elmar (1998-09-10), "Script D Symbol with Tail" alias "German Penny Symbol"
L2/00-092 N2188 Freytag, Asmus (2000-03-14), Proposal to add German Penny Symbol
U+20B1 1 L2/98-361 N1858 Sato, T. K. (1998-08-21), Addition of Peso sign on ISO/IEC 10646-1
N2040 Sato, Takayuki K. (1999-06-10), Peso sign
L2/00-013 N2156 Sato, T. K. (2000-01-06), Peso sign and Peseta sign (U-20A7)
L2/00-053 N2161 Sato, T. K. (2000-02-20), Peso -- Character sample
4.1 U+20B2..20B3 2 L2/03-095 N2579 Everson, Michael (2003-02-24), Proposal to encode the GUARANI SIGN and the AUSTRAL SIGN in the UCS
U+20B4..20B5 2 L2/04-139 N2743 Everson, Michael (2004-04-23), Proposal to encode the HRYVNIA SIGN and the CEDI SIGN in the UCS
5.2 U+20B6 1 L2/07-332 N3387 Sewell, David R. (2007-11-24), Proposal to encode the Livre Tournois sign in the UCS
U+20B7 1 L2/08-115 N3390 Everson, Michael (2008-03-06), Proposal to encode the Esperanto SPESMILO SIGN in the UCS
U+20B8 1 L2/08-116 N3392 Everson, Michael (2008-03-06), Proposal to encode the Kazakh TENGE SIGN in the UCS
6.0 U+20B9 1 L2/10-251 Deka, Rabin (2010-07-16), Proposal to Encode India’s National Currency Symbol
L2/10-249R N3862R Everson, Michael (2010-07-19), Proposal to encode the INDIAN RUPEE SIGN in the UCS
L2/10-258 N3887 Lata, Swaran (2010-07-19), Proposal to encode the Indian Rupee Symbol in the UCS
6.2 U+20BA 1 L2/12-117 N4258R Everson, Michael (2012-04-17), Proposal to encode the Turkish Lira Sign
L2/12-132 N4273 Uluırmak, Sacit (2012-04-27), Proposal to Encode the Turkish Lira Symbol in the UCS
7.0 U+20BB 1 L2/12-242 N4308 Evensen, Nina Marie; Anderson, Deborah (2012-07-24), Proposal for one historic currency character, MARK SIGN
L2/12-371 N4377 Suignard, Michel (2012-10-24), Disposition of comments on SC2 N 4239 (PDAM2.2 text to ISO/IEC 10646 3rd edition)
U+20BC 1 L2/11-231R Yevstifeyev, Mykyta (2011-08-05), Revised Proposal to encode Azerbaijani manat sign in the UCS (minor update)
L2/11-366 Pentzlin, Karl (2011-10-21), Additional evidence for the Azerbaijan Manat symbol as proposed in L2/11-231R
L2/11-420 N4163 Pentzlin, Karl (2011-10-31), Letter from Central Bank of Azerbaijan Regarding Manat Sign
L2/12-047 N4168 Proposal to add the currency sign for the Azerbaijani Manat to the UCS, 2011-11-10
L2/13-180 N4445 Pentzlin, Karl (2013-06-10), Proposal to add the currency sign for the Azerbaijani Manat to the UCS
U+20BD 1 L2/14-039 N4529 Proposal to add the currency sign for the RUSSIAN RUBLE to the UCS, 2014-01-21
L2/13-235R2 N4512R2 Everson, Michael (2014-02-04), Proposal to encode the RUBLE SIGN in the UCS
8.0 U+20BE 1 L2/14-161R N4593 Shermazanashvili, Giorgi (2014-08-14), Adding Georgian Lari currency sign
L2/15-168 Shermazanashvili, Giorgi (2015-07-06), The Lari Symbol: Implementation Principles and Supplementary Manual
L2/15-204 Anderson, Deborah; et al. (2015-07-25), "12. Currency Symbols", Recommendations to UTC #144 July 2015 on Script Proposals
10.0 U+20BF 1 L2/11-129 van Geloven, Sander (2011-03-24), Addition of Bitcoin Sign
L2/15-229 Shirriff, Ken (2015-10-02), Proposal for addition of bitcoin sign
L2/15-312 Anderson, Deborah; Whistler, Ken; McGowan, Rick; Pournader, Roozbeh; Glass, Andrew; Iancu, Laurențiu (2015-11-01), "9. Bitcoin", Recommendations to UTC #145 November 2015 on Script Proposals
L2/15-254 Moore, Lisa (2015-11-16), "E.2", UTC #145 Minutes
  1. ^ Proposed code points and characters names may differ from final code points and names


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