Cuna de lobos

Cuna de Lobos (English title: Cradle of Wolves) is a Mexican telenovela produced by Carlos Téllez for Televisa in 1986.[1][2] The serial, about the struggle for power within a wealthy Mexican dynasty, was enormously popular in its native Mexico. It was also a hit in several foreign countries, including Brazil, the United States, Germany and Australia.

Cuna de lobos
Cuna de lobos DVD Póster.jpg
Created byCarlos Olmos
Directed byCarlos Téllez
Creative directorJavier Terrazas
Music byPedro Plascencia
Country of originMexico
Original languageSpanish
No. of episodes170
Executive producerCarlos Téllez
ProducerRubén Piña
Production companyTelevisa
Original networkCanal de las Estrellas
Original releaseOctober 13, 1986 (1986-10-13) –
June 5, 1987 (1987-06-05)
Preceded byMonte Calvario
Followed byEl precio de la fama

Diana Bracho and Gonzalo Vega are the main characters, while María Rubio is the main antagonist in her role as Catalina Creel. Alejandro Camacho and Rebecca Jones are also antagonists.


Catalina Creel (María Rubio), has an unconditional love for her son Alejando (Alejandro Camacho) and because of him, Catalina is willing to kill even her husband Carlos Larios (Raúl Meraz) and anyone who stands in his way, trying to hinder the destiny of the dynasty. Not so with Jose Carlos Larios (Gonzalo Vega), whom she blames deceptively for having burst an eye with a peg-top in his childhood, in revenge of his rejections, since Catalina was not his true mother. She invents this lie mainly to harass Jose Carlos and secondly to push her husband Carlos to get angry with Jose Carlos and disinherit him, so he turns his interest in expanding the dynasty only in his son Alejandro.

Carlos discovers Catalina without the patch she uses to cover her crippled eye and decides to tell everyone about the deceivement, change his will in favor of Jose Carlos and divorce her. But before that, Catalina poisons him.

Vilma (Rebecca Jones), Alejandro's wife, is sterile and unable to give Alejandro a son, so she adds to Alejandro's plan to steal the son from a woman named Leonora (Diana Bracho), whom he cheated using the pretext that he was in love with her.

Leonora starts a revenge against Catalina, Alejandro and Vilma through Jose Carlos, whom she takes advantage to enter the house, using the fact that he is in love with her, although in the end, she falls in love with him seriously.


Actor Character Description
María Rubio Catalina Creel Vda. de Larios † Main villain - serial killer, killed 7 people, commits suicide
Gonzalo Vega José Carlos Larios Creel
Diana Bracho Leonora Navarro de Larios
Alejandro Camacho Alejandro Larios Creel † Villain, killed by Catalina
Rebecca Jones Vilma de la Fuente de Larios † Villain, killed by Catalina
Roberto Vander Mr. Julio Sifuentes
Raúl Meraz Don Carlos Larios † Killed by Catalina
Margarita Isabel Elena de Cifuentes
Carmen Montejo Esperanza Mandujano
Rosa María Bianchi Bertha Moscoso/Michelle Albán
Carlos Cámara Reynaldo Gutiérrez † Killed by Catalina
Enrique Muñoz Captain Gudini
Lilia Aragón Rosalía Mendoza † Villain, killed by police
Angelica Aragón Amelia Larios
Josefina Echánove Elvia San Germán Vda. de Núñez
Humberto Elizondo Inspector Norberto Suárez † Killed by Catalina
Magda Karina Lucero Espejel † Killed by Catalina
Julia Alfonzo Camarera
Lourdes Canale Carmen Alicia Macías Acuña "Carmelita"
Ramón Menéndez Dr. Frank Syndell † Killed by Rosalia
José Ángel Espinosa 'Ferrusquilla' Don Braulio Navarro
Blanca Torres Cleotilde
Miguel Gómez Checa Doctor Augusto Terán
Edna Bolkan Paulina Pedrero
Carlos Pouillot Edgar de la Fuente
Mercedes Pascual Olga Van Der Sandt de de la Fuente
Eduardo Alcántara Melquiades
Ana Bertha Espín Mayra
Luis Rivera Mauricio
Enrique Hidalgo Esteban Gamboa
Humberto Valdepeña Doctor Mendiola
Maricruz Nájera Gutiérrez's widow
Ricardo Ledezma Pancho
Wally Barrón Comandante Luna
Carmen Amezcua Camarera
Carlos Bonavides Leonardo Sánchez
Gerardo Mayol Gómez
Oralia Olvera Rocío
Edmundo Baraona Trejo
Humberto Klein
Jorge Santos Police Inspector
Emilio Guerrero
Enrique Nuñez
Santiago Gil Ontiveros Edgar Larios de la Fuente/Braulio Larios Navarro
René Gonzáles
Mauricio Sandoval
Jorge Fegan Escudero † Killed by Catalina


Year Award Category Nominee Result
1987 5th TVyNovelas Awards Best Telenovela of the Year Carlos Téllez Won
Best Actress Diana Bracho
Best Actor Gonzalo Vega
Best Antagonist Actress María Rubio
Lilia Aragón Nominated
Best Antagonist Actor Alejandro Camacho Won
Best Leading Actress María Rubio
Carmen Montejo Nominated
Best Female Revelation Rosa María Bianchi
Best Male Revelation Humberto Elizondo
Best Original Story or Adaptation Carlos Olmos Won
Best Direction Carlos Téllez
Antonio Acevedo
2020 1th TLN Awards Spoiled Soap Opera Carlos Téllez Nominated
Best Actress Diana Bracho Nominated
Best Antagonist Actress María Rubio Nominated[3]


The central character in Cuna de lobos is matriarch Catalina Creel, played by actress María Rubio, a villain in the grand dramatic tradition of Dynasty's Alexis Carrington, Dallas' J. R. Ewing, or Knots Landing's Abby Cunningham.

The main character is Leonora, played by Diana Bracho, who portrays the victim of the "wolves", only to "become" a "wolf" herself to seek revenge.

Catalina's unnatural devotion to her only son caused her to conceal a healthy eye behind the lie of blindness, commit a series of murders beginning with her own husband, Carlos (his crime was realizing how truly evil she was), and to participate in the abduction of a child to ensure her son's inheritance was confirmed.

Such is the impact of her performance, that soap opera's villain take her as a role model, and when a program parodies a soap opera, the main villain is usually based on her.


Cuna de lobos was so popular in its native country that on the night of the final broadcast, the streets of Mexico City - infamously choked with traffic - were deserted as the locals were in their homes glued to their TV screens. It has been re-screened several times in the United States and Australia in recent years. A remake has been in talks for several years, with one finally surfacing in 2019.


The first DVD of Cuna de lobos came out in 2002. It was a single-disc DVD that contained the entire novela edited down to a little over 230 minutes. A second DVD release came on March 8, 2006. While it expanded the novela to over 11 hours played on three DVDs, the original instrumental music and soundtrack had been erased and substituted by new music. According to Televisa, this was due to a disagreement with Mexican actress and producer Carmen Salinas, who now owns the music rights after her deceased son Pedro Plascencia Salinas, producer of the music of the novela.


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