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Culture and Value

Culture and Value is a selection from the personal notes of Ludwig Wittgenstein made by Georg Henrik von Wright. It was first published in English by Basil Blackwell, in German as Vermischte Bemerkungen in 1977 and the text has been emended in following editions. An English translation by Peter Winch was printed in 1980, and reprinted in 1984. Ten years later Alois Pichler revised the original edition, and the resulting version was published in 1998 with a new translation by Peter Winch.[1]

Culture and Value
Cover of the First Edition
Author Ludwig Wittgenstein
Original title Vermischte Bemerkungen
Translator Georg Henrik von Wright
Country Oxford, England
Language English
Subject Philosophy
Publisher Basil Blackwell
Publication date
Media type Print
Pages 94
OCLC 802628345

The remarks are arranged in chronological order with an indication of their year of origin. Nearly half of them stem from the period after the completion (in 1945) of Part One of Philosophical Investigations.

At the end of the book appears a poem which was offered by Wittgenstein to the Hofrat Ludwig Hänsel, and it is assumed that he was its author.

Among the published notes particular attention has been bestowed on a passage where Wittgenstein enumerated people who, in his judgement, had influenced him: Boltzmann, Hertz, Schopenhauer, Frege, Russell, Kraus, Loos, Weininger, Spengler and Sraffa.[2] Of note to literary scholars, the book also contains some of Wittgenstein's thoughts on Shakespeare, negatively comparing his depictions of character to those of Tolstoy.

A further note dating from the same year (1931) witnesses the first occurrence of the term 'family resemblance' in a discussion of Spengler's work.[3]


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