Cultural depictions of Eva Perón

Eva Perón (May 7, 1919 – July 26, 1952), former First Lady of Argentina, has been a consistent presence in popular culture in her homeland and internationally ever since her debut as an actress. The following lists cover various media to include items of historic interest, enduring works of art, and recent representations in popular culture.

Image of Eva Perón at the Argentinian Ministry of Social Development

Literature and theaterEdit

Date Title Author Actress playing Evita Notes
1952 The Woman with the Whip Mary Main Inapplicable The book is strongly anti-Peronist. It depicts Evita as not only manipulative but also as a promiscuous woman who made use of men to get her own power, a claim that has never been substantiated. Furthermore, Main discusses Eva's 'shameless flaunting of jewels' in great depth but deliberately undermines all that Eva did for the people of Argentina.
1970 Evita, vida y obra de Eva Perón Héctor Germán Oesterheld and Alberto Breccia Inapplicable Comic book biography of Eva Perón, narrated from a strong Peronist point of view. It is not a conventional comic book, as it lacks speech balloons or sequential action from one panel to the other. It is instead a written biography by Oesterheld with related interpretations by Breccia. It was not published at the time of creation due to political censorship, but the originals were found and it was edited at 2002 and 2007.
1973 Mi hermana Evita (Evita, My Sister) Erminda Duarte Inapplicable The older sister of Eva Perón relates the political and human facts of her life in a personal way.[1]
1976 (concept album)
1978 (West End)
1979 (Broadway)
Evita Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice Julie Covington (concept album)
Elaine Paige (West End)
Patti LuPone (Broadway)
Internationally, perhaps[1] the most famous depiction of Eva Perón. The musical was preceded by a concept album in 1976 with Julie Covington singing the title role, then two years later debuted in London's West End with Elaine Paige, who won an Olivier Award for her performance. Its subsequent Broadway debut in 1979 was with Patti LuPone in the title role, for which she won a Tony Award.
1986 Eva Pedro Orgambide Nacha Guevara Argentine musical made in response to the one by Lloyd Webber and Rice.[2] With Nacha Guevara in the leading role. The play was performed a second time during 2008.[2]
1995 Santa Evita Tomas Eloy Martinez Inapplicable Fictionalized account of Eva Perón's life and the transcontinental travel of her corpse. Translated into 32 languages and published in 50 countries.
2007 Evita, Evita en Fotos Felipe Pigna Inapplicable Appear here multiple public and private aspects of life, intense, brief, the "champion of the poor" are portrayed in an extensive and comprehensive photo tour and a text written by Felipe Pigna particular, to account for the truth, legends, myths, love and hate surrounding the image of Argentina's most famous. "
2007 Farklı Rüyalar Sokağı (Street of Assorted Dreams) Nazlı Eray Inapplicable Turkish novel following multiple stories, including the events following the death of Evita as well as an anonymous narrator visited nightly by an angel describing her life.
2009 The Big Wake-Up Mark Coggins Inapplicable Altered conclusion of the bizarre history of Eva Perón's peripatetic remains. Rather than resting in the Duarte family tomb in La Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires, Coggins posits that the body in La Recoleta is a duplicate and that Eva's specially embalmed corpse has been secretly buried in the San Francisco Bay Area under a false name. [2] [3]
2012 EVITA, Jirones de su vida Felipe Pigna Inapplicable With extensive documentation and testimony, Felipe Pigna traces the life of "the most loved and most hated of Argentina", the truths, legends, myths, loves and hatreds that were woven around its controversial figure in the public and private multifaceted .[4]

Television and motion picturesEdit

Date Title Director Actress playing Evita Notes
1973 Little Mother Radley Metzger Christiane Krüger Christiane Krüger portrayed the character of "Marina Pinares" in a thinly veiled exploitation film biopic about Eva [5].
1980 Evita Peron Marvin J. Chomsky Faye Dunaway Faye Dunaway stars in this TV movie [6].
1984 Evita, quien quiera oír que oiga Eduardo Mignona Flavia Palmiero With Flavia Palmiero as Evita, the movie represents her early times, leaving her born city and moving to Buenos Aires. The movie uses as well archive material from the '40 and '50 decades, and interviews with people who meet her.[3]
1996 Evita Alan Parker Madonna Major motion picture adaptation of the stage musical starring Madonna in the title role.
1996 Eva Perón: The True Story Juan Carlos Desanzo Esther Goris Argentine submission for Academy Award for Best Foreign Film. Starring Esther Goris in title role [7].
2003 The President Wore Pearls Mike B. Anderson Inapplicable Episode of The Simpsons where Lisa Simpson becomes politically active in her school. Lisa Simpson dresses as Eva Perón and sings songs inspired by the musical Evita. Episode ends with a note from the directors that says, "On the advice of our lawyers, we swear we have never heard of a musical based on the life of Eva Perón".
2004 Ay Juancito Héctor Olivera Laura Novoa About the life of Juancito Duarte, Eva Perón's brother and a political officer during Juan Domingo Perón's first presidency.
2004 Padre Coraje Martín Saban and Sebastián Pivotto Ximena Fassi Guest appearance for 3 episodes.[4]
2007 La Señal Ricardo Darín and Martín Hodara None Movie set in Argentina in the respective time period. Although Evita is not represented directly, there are references to the social impact of Evita's declining health and death, setting parallelisms between it and the story of the characters.
2008 Evita Eduardo Montes-Bradley Documentary footage of Eva Perón Documentary on the life of Eva Perón produced by Heritage Film Project.
2010 Lo que el tiempo nos dejó Israel Adrián Caetano Laura Novoa Miniseries of unrelated television films focused at different key events of the history of Argentina, made during the Argentina Bicentennial. The first one represents the last year of Evita, from the point of view of her nurse (played by Vanesa González).[5]
2011 Juan y Eva Paula de Luque Julieta Díaz
2011 Eva de la Argentina María Seoane Inapplicable Animated film about Eva Perón, with images made by the comic book artist Francisco Solano López
2012 Carta a Eva Agustí Villaronga Julieta Cardinali The story tells of Doña Juana, Carmen Polo and Eva Perón. Three women intertwine their lives during the official visit to Spain Eva isolated from the world in June 1947.[6]
2015 Eva Doesn't Sleep Pablo Agüero Sabrina Macchi Details the fate of Perón's corpse.

Stage persona homageEdit

Date Character name Actor Notes
? – present "Evita Bezuidenhout" and "Tannie Evita" Pieter-Dirk Uys In tribute to Eva Perón, South African comedian Pieter-Dirk Uys developed this character that is alternately known as "Evita Bezuidenhout" and "Tannie Evita".


This list does not include songs from the Lloyd Webber and Rice musical, its concept album, its film adaptation, or the film's soundtrack.

Date Title Artist Notes
1948 Evita Capitana ("Captain Evita") Unknown Argentine Peronist anthem. This is the female version of "The Peronist March", the same melody but with lyrics focused on Eva Perón [8]
2006 Maria Eva Ignacio Copani A popular Argentine singer from a Peronist background records a defense of Eva Perón. Song is in response to the 2006 London revival of the Lloyd Webber and Rice musical. [9] [10]
2006 Olvidarte No Podran ("They Can't Forget You") Patricia Sosa Tribute to Eva Perón. The singer claims that people can love or hate Eva Perón, but they can't forget her.[11] [12]

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