Cry for Silence

Cry for Silence were a British heavy metal band. They influenced and toured with a number of other bands.

Cry for Silence
Cry for Silence, Download Festival, 15 June 2008
Cry for Silence, Download Festival, 15 June 2008
Background information
Also known asCFS
OriginWatford, United Kingdom
Years active1999–2008
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Cry for Silence was formed in 1999 by guitarist Alessandro Venturella.[1] He later recruited Steve Sears (guitar), Ali Gordon (drums), Andy C Saxton (bass) and Adam Pettit (vocals).[2]

In their 8 years together,[3] Cry For Silence have been cited as influences by many bands including Enter Shikari, Gallows and Your Demise.[4] They have toured with bands including The Black Dahlia Murder, The Bled, Caliban, The Distillers, From Autumn to Ashes, Funeral For A Friend, The Haunted, The Hope Conspiracy, Hopesfall, My Chemical Romance, Nora, Poison the Well, Shai Hulud, Sepultura, Sikth, and Strung Out.[5]

Cry For Silence have played festivals including Give it a Name 2007 at Earls Court[6][circular reference] and Download Festival 2008.[7][circular reference] They also performed live radio sessions for BBC Radio One.[2]

After releasing two EPs, Cry For Silence released their debut album in 2008, entitled The Glorious Dead, with album artwork by Dan Mumford.[8]

Following the breakup of Cry For Silence, Alessandro Venturella went on to join Slipknot.[9]



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