Cross-country skiing at the 1976 Winter Olympics

The 1976 Winter Olympic Games cross-country skiing results. The women's 3 × 5 km relay was replaced by a 4 × 5 km relay at these games.[1]

Cross-country skiing
at the XII Olympic Winter Games
Cross country skiing pictogram.svg
Pictogram for Cross-country skiing
DatesFebruary 5–14, 1976
No. of events7
Competitors165 (114 men, 51 women) from 24 nations

Medal summaryEdit

Medal tableEdit

1  Soviet Union (URS)42410
2  Finland (FIN)2215
3  Norway (NOR)1102
4  East Germany (GDR)0112
5  United States (USA)0101
6  Sweden (SWE)0011
Totals (6 nations)77721

Men's eventsEdit

Event Gold Silver Bronze
15 km
Nikolay Bazhukov
  Soviet Union
43:58.47 Yevgeny Belyayev
  Soviet Union
44:01.10 Arto Koivisto
30 km
Sergey Savelyev
  Soviet Union
1:30:29.38 Bill Koch
  United States
1:30:57.84 Ivan Garanin
  Soviet Union
50 km
Ivar Formo
2:37:30.05 Gert-Dietmar Klause
  East Germany
2:38:13.21 Benny Södergren
4 × 10 km relay
  Finland (FIN)
Matti Pitkänen
Juha Mieto
Pertti Teurajärvi
Arto Koivisto
2:07:59.72   Norway (NOR)
Pål Tyldum
Einar Sagstuen
Ivar Formo
Odd Martinsen
2:09:58.36   Soviet Union (URS)
Yevgeny Belyayev
Nikolay Bazhukov
Sergey Savelyev
Ivan Garanin

Women's eventsEdit

Event Gold Silver Bronze
5 km
Helena Takalo
15:48.69 Raisa Smetanina
  Soviet Union
15:49.73 Nina Baldycheva
  Soviet Union
10 km
Raisa Smetanina
  Soviet Union
30:13.41 Helena Takalo
30:14.28 Galina Kulakova
  Soviet Union
4 × 5 km relay
  Soviet Union (URS)
Nina Baldycheva
Zinaida Amosova
Raisa Smetanina
Galina Kulakova
1:07:49.75   Finland (FIN)
Liisa Suikhonen
Marjatta Kajosmaa
Hilkka Riihivuori
Helena Takalo
1:08:36.57   East Germany (GDR)
Monika Debertshäuser
Sigrun Krause
Barbara Petzold
Veronika Hesse

Doping controversyEdit

Galina Kulakova of the Soviet Union finished third in the women's 5 km event, but was disqualified due to a positive test for banned substance ephedrine. She claimed that this was a result of using the nasal spray that contained the substance. Both the FIS and the IOC allowed her to compete in the 10 km and the 4 × 5 km relay.[2] This was the first stripped medal at the Winter Olympics.

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