Crazy Gopalan

Crazy Gopalan is a 2008 Indian Malayalam-language comedy-thriller drama heist film directed by Deepu Karunakaran. starring Dileep Pillai, Radha Varma, Jagathy Sreekumar, Salim Kumar, Harisree Ashokan, and Manoj K. Jayan in the leading roles. the film was a commercial success at the box-office.

Crazy Gopalan
Crazy Gopalan.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed byDeepu Karunakaran
Produced byUlattil Sasi
StarringDileep Pillai
Salim Kumar
Jagathy Sreekumar
Harisree Ashokan
Radha Varma
Manoj K. Jayan
Biju Menon
Mohan Jose
Music byOriginal Songs:
Rahul Raj
Background Score:
Edited byManoj
Bhavana Mediavision
Distributed byUllattil Visual Media Release
Release date
  • December 23, 2008 (2008-12-23) (India)
Budget₹ 2.65 crore
Box office₹ 14.05 crore


Kattila Gopalan is a notorious name in a little village named Oonjaalaadi. Though nobody has seen Gopalan, people hold him in dread as he is a thief who always manages to steal whatever he wants, without ever getting caught or even being seen by anyone. His identity remains a mystery.

Then one day Harischandran, a carpenter happens to see Gopalan for the first time. Gopalan is thus forced to flee the little village and seeks refuge in the city. There he meets Lakshmanan, another thief who has an ailing mother to look after. They form a team and start thieving, Lakshmanan to treat his mother and Gopalan with an aim to buy back his ancestral house which he has lost in his childhood. And then a girl named Diana and her brother Babu John, a rich banker, come into the lives of Gopalan and Lakshmanan. Life changes drastically for the duo. Lakshmanan gets killed by Babu John while Gopalan hardly managed to save his life. Then Lavang Vasu finds Gopalan's body on the seashore and hoping that he could get some money, he takes Gopalan to home only to find out that Gopalan does not have money. Gopalan then teams up with Vasu and promised him to give the amount he needed. One day, Gopalan finds Diana in a church. When he caught her red handed, she revealed her past. She didn't actually like Babu John as he killed her parents and boyfriend. Gopalan then plans with Diana to kill Babu John without any proofs. At first he robbed the Investors Bank brilliantly with the help of Vasu. Now Babu John is heartbroken. City police commissioner tries to resolve the case and is now on a mission to find out Gopalan. He unknowingly takes Harischandran to police station as they thought he was Gopalan. As Harischandran was firm that he was not Gopalan, the police officer calls Chacko KT, the assistant of Babu John. He said that Harischandran is Gopalan. Then Harischandran on seeing Gopalan's photo reveals the truth. Then he plans with the commissioner to catch Gopalan and he does while coming from a shopping center. Even though the police chased Gopalan, he tactically escaped and planned another way with Diana where she acted as if she made him caught red handed by police to accompany Babu John. This was inorder to find out the hidden bars of gold which were hidden in a place that only Babu John and Chacko knew. However when her plans go in vain, she informs this to Gopalan. Gopalan then thought of another trick to use Chacko in order to find Gold Bars and black money. As planned, Diana had informed that Babu john would ruin Chacko's family indirectly. Feared Chacko goes to file a case to the commissioner regarding the place where the black money and gold were hidden. Babu John was arriving from Singapore. But he was caught by the police. However, Diana pranked Babu John and took him to the place where Gopalan was waiting for him. Even though Gopalan was brutally beaten up first, he recalls Babu John killing Lakshmanan and mustered up strength. He beats back Babu John and finally killed him with the help of Vasu. He calls the commissioner and informed in Babu John's sound that Babu John had gone to a safe place.

Gopalan, along with Diana and Vasu goes back to Oonjaladi village where he comes to know to his shock that Kattala Gopalan over there is Harischandran.


Actor Role
Dileep Pillai Kattila Gopalan
Radha Varma Diana John
Salim Kumar Laxmanan
Manoj K. Jayan Babu John
Harisree Ashokan Harischandran
Jagathy Sreekumar Lavang Vasu
Mohan Jose Chacko K.T
Biju Menon Police Commissioner
Kollam Thulasi Circle Inspector
Indrans Sugunan
Janardhanan Pillai
Kalabhavan Shajohn Sub inspector
Sadiq Muhammad Ambadi Krishnan Nair
Narayanan Kutty
Cherthala Lalitha
Manju Satheesh Babu's wife


The songs of this movie were composed by Rahul Raj. The film had 3 songs, out of which 2 of them appeared in the movie.

Track listingEdit

Song Duration Singers
"Gopala Gokulapala" 03:29 Shankar Mahadevan
"Yudham Thudangi" 02:25 Rahul Raj
"Hay Lelo" 04:42 Sunitha Sarathy


The film was a commercial success at the box-office.

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