County Meath (Parliament of Ireland constituency)

County Meath was a constituency represented in the Irish House of Commons until 1800.

County Meath
Former county constituency
for the Irish House of Commons
CountyCounty Meath
 () ( ())–1801 (1801)
Replaced byMeath

Members of Parliament edit

1689–1801 edit

Election First member First party Second member Second party
1689 Patriot Parliament Sir William Talbot, 3rd Baronet Sir Patrick Barnewall, 3rd Baronet
1692 Charles Meredyth John Osborne
1695 Sir John Dillon Thomas Bligh
1709 John Preston
1711 Garret Wesley
1715 James Napper
1719 Peter Ludlow
1733 James Lenox Napper[fn 1]
1751 Arthur Francis Meredyth
1761 Hercules Langford Rowley Gorges Lowther
1792 Hamilton Gorges
1794 Thomas Taylour, Viscount Headfort
1795 Hon. Clotworthy Taylor[fn 2]
1800 Marcus Somerville
1801 Succeeded by Westminster constituency Meath

Notes edit

  1. ^ from 1743 James Napper-Dutton
  2. ^ from 1796 Hon. Clotworthy Rowley

References edit

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