County of Verdun

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The County of Verdun was a sovereign medieval county in the Duchy of Lower Lorraine.


The rulers of the sovereign County of Verdun styled themselves as Counts by the grace of God.[1][1] country was located near Lower Lotharingia within the Holy Roman Empire.[2] The Bishopric of Verdun bordered on it from the east.[2] The Forest of Argonne formed the western border of the county, but it also included the fortresses at Montfaucon-d'Argonne and Vienne-le-Château.[2] According to an imperial diploma issued in 1156, Bishop Haimo of Verdun received the right to appoint the counts, but the counts from the Ardennes-Bouillon dynasty made the office hereditary by the end of the 10th century.[3]

List of countsEdit

In 1134, the bishop deposed Reginald and reattached the county to the episcopal demesne.


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