Herman, Count of Verdun

Herman of Ename (died 28 May 1029), Count of Verdun (1022–1024) and Count of Brabant, was part of the Ardennes-Verdun dynasty. He was the third son of Godfrey I the Prisoner, Count of Verdun, and Matilda, daughter of Herman, Duke of Saxony, of the Billung family, a widow of Baldwin III of Flanders. He succeeded his brother Frederick as Count of Verdun in 1022.

Herman, Count of Verdun
Died(1029-05-28)28 May 1029
Noble familyHouse of Ardennes-Verdun
FatherGodfrey I, Count of Verdun
MotherMatilda of Saxony

Little is known about Herman other than he fought valiantly at his father’s side when Lothair of France attacked Verdun in 985, resulting in the capture of his father and brother Frederick. Herman and his brother Adalberon are credited with repulsing further progress of Lothair.

Herman’s father was Margrave of Ename and some credit Herman with the title Count of Ename. He was also Count of Brabant. Little is known about these positions or any successors.

Herman first married Mathilde of unknown origins. Herman and Mathilde had three children:

Herman married secondly Goda, again of unknown origins. They had three children only one of which lived to adulthood:

Herman had one illegitimate son by an unknown mistress:

  • Godefroi (died before 995).

Herman retired to the Abbey of Saint-Vanne in 1024 and was succeeded as count by Louis, son of Otto I, Count of Chiny.


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