Council of Ministers (Ethiopia)

The Council of Ministers is the cabinet of the Government of Ethiopia. Under the Constitution of Ethiopia, the Council of Ministers is the country's executive body.


Hailemariam cabinetsEdit

  • Council of Ministers of Hailemariam (2012–2018)

Abiy cabinetsEdit

Current cabinetEdit

As of 6 October 2021, the cabinet comprises:[1][2]

(Constituting instrument)
Prime Minister of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed
Deputy Prime Minister of Ethiopia Demeke Mekonnen
Minister of Foreign Affairs Demeke Mekonnen[3]
Minister of Defense Abraham Belay
Minister of Finance Ahmed Shide
Minister of Justice Gedion Timotheos
Minister of Peace Binalf Andualem
Minister of Education Berhanu Nega
Minister of Health Lia Tadesse
Ministry of Innovation and Technology Belete Molla
Ministry of Transport and Logistics Dagmawit Moges
Minister of Industry Melaku Alebel[4]
Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration Gebremeskel Chala
Minister of Revenues La'qe Ayalew
Minister of Planning and Development Fitsum Assefa
Minister of Water and Energy Habtamu Itefa
Minister of Mines and Petroleum Takele Uma Banti
Minister of Tourism Nassise Chali
Minister of Agriculture Omer Husen
Minister of Irrigation and Lowland Areas Development Aisha Mohammed Mussa
Minister of Urbanization and Infrastructure Chaltu Sani
Ministry of Labour and Skills Development Muferiat Kamil
Ministry of Women and Social Affairs Ergoge Tesfaye
Minister of Culture and Sport Kejella Merdassa

Cabinet-level officialsEdit

The Prime Minister may appoint additional positions to be members of the Cabinet;

Cabinet-level officials
(Constituting instrument)
National Security Affairs Advisor to the Prime Minister of Ethiopia Gedu Andargachew
Director General of The National Intelligence and Security Service Temesgen Tiruneh
Chief Negotiator & Advisor on Transboundary Rivers and GERD to the Prime Minister of Ethiopia Seleshi Bekele
Prime Minister Office Chief of Staff and Head of Cabinet Affairs Teferi Fikre
Prime Minister Office Head of Political Affairs Office Adem Farah
Prime Minister Office Chief Coordinator of Political Affairs Abraham Alehegn
FDRE Government Communication Service Legesse Tulu
Government Representative in the House of People's Representatives Tesfaye Beljige


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