Ministry of Transport and Communications (Ethiopia)

The Ministry of Transport of Ethiopia is a department of the executive branch of the Government of Ethiopia. It was formerly known as the Ministry of Transport. Dagmawit Moges is the current Minister of the Ministry.


Modern service delivery of transport emerged for the first time during the regime of Emperor Menelik. After the invading Italian army was driven out of Ethiopia, an office known as “Ministry of Works and Communications” is formed to lead the service of transport and communications by proclamation No 1/1953 promulgated to define powers and duties of the ministries.

After staying until 1958 E.C, the communications sector was detached from this Ministry with order No 46/1958 and established bearing the name “Ministry of Communications”. In 1962, E.C the Ministry of Communications, Telecommunication and Post” was established so as to supervise transport and communication services in the centralized manner. Then, in 1966 E.C, the name was changed to “Ministry of Communication and post” and after a couple of years (in 1968); it was again renamed Ministry of Transport and Communications”. The ministry merged with the sector of construction and energy and named “Ministry of Infrastructure” in 1994 E.C with proclamation No 256/2001. Once again it gained its name “Ministry of Transport and Communication” with proclamation No 471/2005 in 1998E.C.


After staying until 2003 E.C the communication sector was detached from the Ministry with order NO 691/2003 E.C and established bearing the name “Ministry of Transport” changed with the supervision and coordination of eleven institutions of transport sectors.:

  • . Ethio – Djibouti Railway(CDA)
  • . Ethiopian Airports Enterprise (EAE)
  • . Ethiopian Airlines (EAL)
  • . Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority (ECAA)
  • . Road Transport Authority (RTA)
  • . Ethiopian Railway Corporation (ERC)
  • . Dry Port Administration (DPA)
  • . Maritime Affairs Authority (MAA)
  • . Ethiopian Road Authority (ERA):- to be spitted:
  • . Office of Road Fund Agency (ORFA)
  • . Insurance Fund office(IFO)

Power and DutiesEdit

  • In its field of activity the Ministry of Transport:

a) Initiate policies and laws, prepare plans and budgets, and upon approval implement same; b) Ensure the enforcement of federal laws c) Undertake study and research, collect, compile and disseminate information; d) Provide assistance and advice to Regional States, as necessary; e) Enter into contracts and international agreements in accordance with the law;

  • ) Direct and coordinate the performance of the executive organs made accountable to it;proclamation; review their organizational structures, working programs, and budgets, and approve their submission to the appropriate government organs;
  • ) Supervise the public enterprises made accountable to it, and ensure that they operate as development catalysts;
  • ) Submit periodic performance reports to the prime Minister and the Council of Ministers;
  • ) Promote the expansion of transport services;
  • ) Ensure that provisions of transport services are in line with the country's development strategy and have equitable regional distribution;
  • ) Ensure the integrated provision of transport services;
  • ) Cause the formation and implementation of regulatory frameworks to ensure the provision of reliable and sage transport services;
  • ) Regulate maritime and transit services;
  • ) Follow-up the activities of the Ethio-Djibouti Railways in accordance with the agreement between the two countries.
  • ) Ensure that transport infrastructures and constructed, upgraded and maintained.

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