Cottage Industry (EP)

Cottage Industry (Korean가내 수공업; Hanja家內手工業) is the first EP album by South Korean duo M&D, released by SM Entertainment and distributed KT Music on April 20, 2015.[1]

Cottage Industry
EP by
ReleasedApril 20, 2015 (2015-04-20)
Recorded2009 - 2015
M&D chronology
Cottage Industry
Goody Bag
Singles from Cottage Industry
  1. "Close Ur Mouth"
    Released: June 22, 2011
  2. "I Wish"
    Released: April 16, 2015
Music videos
"Close Ur Mouth" on YouTube
"I Wish" on YouTube

It is their only release as M&D before changing their name.

Background and releaseEdit

On March 17 a few reports have come out to reveal that SM Entertainment mentioned that M&D's releasing their first EP album Cottage Industry on April 20 with "I Wish" as its lead track. Along with the already announced featuring of GFriend's Yerin, there were a number of other celebrities who made an appearances in it, such as Lee Jin Ho, Cho Jae Geol, Gun Hee, and Jang Dong-min. This is the project duo's comeback after a 3-year and 10-month hiatus following the release of the single "Close Ur Mouth". The release is an EP album with six tracks written by Heechul and composed by Jungmo.[1]


Kim Heechul & Kim Jungmo began performing "I Wish" on South Korean music television programs (Music Bank) on April 17, 2015.[2]

Track listingEdit

1."I Wish" (하고 싶어)Kim Hee-chulKim Jung-moKim Jung-mo3:20
2."M&D" (Midnight&Dawn)Kim Hee-chulKim Jung-moKim Jung-mo2:41
3."Moon Crystal" (달수정)Kim Hee-chulKim Jung-moKim Jung-mo3:49
4."Silhouette" (실루엣)Kim Hee-chulKim Jung-moKim Jung-mo3:53
5."Soul" ()Kim Hee-chulKim Jung-moKim Jung-mo3:08
6."Close Ur Mouth" (뭘봐)Kim Hee-chulKim Jung-moKim Jung-mo3:09
Total length:20:00


Album charts and salesEdit

Chart Peak
Gaon Album Chart 2[3] 26,168+[4]


Chart Song Peak position Download Count
South Korean Charts (Gaon) "Close Ur Mouth" - 55,603+[5]
"I Wish" 100[6] N/A


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