Costanzo I Sforza

Costanzo I of Sforza (5 July 1447 – 19 July 1483) was an Italian condottiero, lord of Pesaro and Gradara.[1][2]

Costanzo I Sforza
Gianfrancesco enzola, medaglia di costanzo sforza, verso.JPG
Medal of Costanzo I Sforza by Gianfrancesco Enzola.
Lord of Pesaro
In office
Preceded byAlessandro
Succeeded byGiovanni

He was the son of Alessandro Sforza, under whom he fought in his early years and from whom he inherited the lordship of Pesaro. He also received the lordship of Gradara from Pope Alexander VI.

He fought for various Italian states of the time, including the Kingdom of Naples and the Papal States.

He married Camilla d'Aragona but they had no children and so his illegitimate seventeen-year-old son Giovanni succeeded him in Pesaro, with Camilla initially ruling as regent.[3]

Preceded by Lord of Pesaro
1473 – 1483
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Lord of Gradara
14?? – 1483


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