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Peter Chung (born March 25, 1979), better known by his stage name Cool Calm Pete, is a Korean American rapper and producer from Seoul, Korea, who is currently based in Queens, New York.[citation needed] Cool Calm Pete has been profiled in major publications such as URB and XXL.[1][2] He is a founding member of the hip hop trio Babbletron.[3][4]

Cool Calm Pete
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Background information
Birth namePeter Chung
OriginSeoul, Korea
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Life and careerEdit

Pete was born in Seoul, Korea and was moved to and raised in Queens, New York by the time he was a toddler.[5] Cool Calm Pete attended Cooper Union and received his BFA in fine arts, focusing on painting.[6] Pete is one of the three members of the hip-hop group Babbletron, alongside DJ Pre and Jaymanila. It featured production from RJD2 and MF DOOM, among others.[7] Cool Calm Pete's debut solo album Lost was released in the United States on Embedded Music, and released in Europe on Definitive Jux.[8] He has since released a 9 track EP entitled "Loosies," featuring several remixes of his older work.[9] Pete currently works in graphic design.[10]

Personal lifeEdit

According to Sophia Chang, an illustrator and designer that interned for Cool Calm Pete, said "He actually hates the spotlight. I think that’s extremely respectful."[11][12]


Cool Calm Pete is known for his distinct rapping style. He has been described for having a certain smooth and relaxed-sounding rapping style.[13]


  • Mechanical Royalty (Embedded Music - 2003) - with Jaymanila and DJ Pre as Babbletron
  • Lost (Embedded Music - 2005)
  • Loosies - Remixes and Other Oddities (Definitive Jux - 2007)
  • "Black Friday (Cool Calm Pete song) Black Friday" (Definitive Jux - 2002)
  • "Lost the Single" (Embedded Music - 2005)
  • "Gitty Up Baby" (Definitive Jux - 2007)
  • "Get with the Times" (Definitive Jux - 2007)
  • "Heart (Cool Calm Pete song) Heart" (Definitive Jux - 2009)
  • "Offline" (Modern Shark - 2011)
  • "The Food Theme." (Theme Magazine - 2009)
  • "Over You." (Modern Shark - 2010)
  • "The Ups & Downs." (Modern Shark - 2011)


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