Convent of the Incarnation (Lisbon)

The Convent of the Incarnation (Portuguese: Convento da Encarnação), or the Monastery of the Incarnation of the Commandery of St. Benedict of Avis (Portuguese: Mosteiro da Encarnação das Comendadeiras de São Bento de Avis), is a former convent, constructed in 1630, and located in the parish of Arroios, Lisboa, Portugal. Since 1996, it has been classified as a "Property of Public Interest".[1]

Convent of the Incarnation
Convento da Encarnação
The Coat of Arms of the founder is found on the facade of the building, "D. Maria, daughter of Manuel."
Convent of the Incarnation (Lisbon) is located in Lisbon
Convent of the Incarnation (Lisbon)
Alternative namesMosteiro da Encarnação das Comendadeiras de São Bento de Avis
General information
Town or cityLisbon
Coordinates38°42′59.2″N 9°8′20.7″W / 38.716444°N 9.139083°W / 38.716444; -9.139083
OwnerPortuguese Republic



At the time of its construction in 1630, during the reign of Philip II of Portugal, the land belonged to Archbishop Aleixo de Meneses. The Commandery of the Military Order of Military Order of St. Benedict of Aviz had used the convent as a meetinghouse. Later in 1643, the Brothers of the Slaves of the Blessed Sacrament began operating in the convent church. In 1734, it suffered from a fire. The nuns relocated to the St. Anthony convent following the Earthquake of 1755, which destroyed parts of the building but returned in 1758 after the restoration was completed.

After the expulsion of religious orders in 1834, it was occupied by the Honorary Commanders of the Order of Avis until the establishment of the Portuguese Republic October 5, 1910.


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  • Monastery of Our Lady of the Incarnation is in the SIPA database Direção-Geral do Património Cultural
  • Convent of the Incarnation, including the church, is in the Ulysses database of the Direção-Geral do Património Cultural