Constantine II, King of Armenia

Constantine II (Armenian: Կոստանդին Բ), (also Constantine IV; Western Armenian transliteration: Gosdantin or Kostantine; died 17 April 1344), born Guy de Lusignan,[1] was elected the first Latin King of Armenian Cilicia of the Poitiers-Lusignan dynasty, ruling from 1342 until his death in 1344.

Constantine II
Constantine IV of Armenia.jpg
King of Armenia
PredecessorLeo IV
SuccessorConstantine III
BornGuy de Lusignan
DiedApril 17, 1344
SpouseKantakouzene (d. c. 1330)
Theodora Syrgiannaina (d. 1347/1349)
IssueIsabella (or Zampea or Maria)
FatherAmalric, Lord of Tyre
MotherIsabella of Armenia
Constantine's arms, a combination of those of Lusignan, Jerusalem, and Cilicia.


Guy was the son of Isabella, daughter of Leo II of Armenia, and Amalric,[2] a son of Hugh III of Cyprus,[3] and was governor of Serres from 1328 until 1341.[4] When his cousin Leo IV, the last Hethumid monarch of Cilicia, was murdered by the barons, the crown was offered to his younger brother John, who urged Guy to accept it.[1] Guy was reluctant — his mother and two of his brothers had been murdered by the Armenian regent Oshin of Corycos — but he eventually accepted and took the name Constantine.

Guy was killed in an uprising in Armenia on April 17, 1344[5] and was succeeded by a distant cousin, Constantine III.[6]

Marriages and issueEdit

Guy married twice, firstly to a Kantakouzene (died c. 1330),[2] without issue, and secondly in 1330–1332, Theodora Syrgiannaina (died 1347/1349),[2] with whom he fathered:


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Constantine II, King of Armenia
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Levon IV
King of Armenia
Succeeded by
Constantine III