Constantin Grădișteanu

Constantin Grădișteanu (17 September 1833–10 April 1890) was a Wallachian-born Romanian politician.

Grădișteanu family arms

Descended from an old boyar family, his father was Șerban Grădișteanu. He studied at Paris, earning a degree in literature from the Sorbonne in 1852 and then attending the law faculty. In February 1866, he was named prefect of Ilfov County before being transferred to a similar post in Putna County the following month. A conservative, he was part of the constituent assembly in 1866, the same year he was first elected to the Assembly of Deputies. In 1876, he was sent to the senate. From April to December 1870, Grădișteanu served as Finance Minister in the cabinet of Manolache Costache Epureanu. He was Assembly President from January to November 1889, and died in Bucharest the following year.[1]

He was married to Elena, the sister of Alexandru Sihleanu.[2]


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