Constance of Aragon, Queen of Sicily

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Constance of Aragon (Catalan: Constança d'Aragó; 1343 – 2/18 July 1363), was the first Queen consort of Frederick III the Simple and she was an infanta of Aragon.

She was the eldest child of Peter IV of Aragon[1] and his first wife Maria of Navarre. Her father unsuccessfully proposed her as heir to the throne in early 1347, in the absence of a male heir.

On 8 February 1351 at Perpignan, was performed the betrothal between Constance and Louis I of Anjou, son of King John II of France. However, the marriage never took place.

On 11 April 1361 at Catania, Constance married King Frederick III of Sicily.[1] They only had one daughter, Maria (2 July 1363 - 25 March 1401),[1] who succeeded her father and married Martin of Aragon.

In 1363 Constance died in Catania, Sicily, either from the plague,[1] or following childbirth complications. She is buried in the Cathedral of Catania.



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