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Constance of Sicily, Queen of Aragon

Constance of Sicily (1249 – 9 April 1302) was Queen of Aragon as the wife of King Peter III and a pretender to the Kingdom of Sicily (as Constance II) from 1268 to 1285.[1] She was the only daughter of King Manfred of Sicily and his first wife, Beatrice of Savoy.

Constance II of Sicily
D. Constança de Hohenstaufen, Rainha de Aragão - The Portuguese Genealogy (Genealogia dos Reis de Portugal).png
Queen consort of Aragon, and Valencia; Countess consort of Barcelona and Queen Regnant of Sicily
Died9 April 1302 (aged 52 or 53)
Barcelona, Spain
SpousePeter III of Aragon
IssueAlfonso III of Aragon
James II of Aragon
Elisabeth, Queen of Portugal
Frederick III of Sicily
Yolanda, Duchess of Calabria
Pedro of Aragon
HouseHouse of Hohenstaufen
FatherManfred of Sicily
MotherBeatrice of Savoy
Her grave



Constance was largely raised by Bella d'Amichi, who remained her favorite and confidante as queen.[2] On 13 June 1262, Constance married Peter, eldest son of King James I of Aragon. Her father was killed in the Battle of Benevento (26 February 1266) while fighting against his rival, Charles of Anjou. She inherited his claim to the Sicilian throne.

James I died on 27 July 1276 and Peter succeeded to the throne, with Constance as queen. During the War of the Sicilian Vespers (1282–1302), Peter and then their sons claimed the throne of Sicily in her right. The war resulted in the partition of the Kingdom of Sicily and the creation of the Kingdom of Trinacria under her heirs and the Kingdom of Naples under the heirs of Charles of Anjou.

Peter III died on 2 November 1285. Constance died as a nun in Barcelona.


Constantia and Peter III of Aragon had six children:


Constantia's ancestors in three generations
Constantia of Sicily Father:
Manfred of Sicily
Paternal Grandfather:
Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor
Paternal Great-grandfather:
Henry VI, Holy Roman Emperor
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Constance of Sicily
Paternal Grandmother:
Bianca Lancia
Paternal Great-grandfather:
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Beatrice of Savoy
Maternal Grandfather:
Amadeus IV of Savoy
Maternal Great-grandfather:
Thomas I of Savoy
Maternal Great-grandmother:
Margaret of Geneva
Maternal Grandmother:
Marguerite of Burgundy
Maternal Great-grandfather:
Hugh III, Duke of Burgundy
Maternal Great-grandmother:
Béatrice of Albon


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Constance of Sicily, Queen of Aragon
Born: circa 1249 Died: 9 April 1302
Royal titles
Title last held by
Violant of Hungary
Queen consort of Aragon and Valencia
Title next held by
Isabella of Castile
Preceded by
Margaret of Burgundy
Queen consort of Sicily
Titles in pretence
Preceded by
Conrad II
Queen Regnant of Sicily
Succeeded by
James I