Conquest of al-Hasa

The Conquest of al-Hasa was achieved by the Saudi forces of ibn Saud with support from the Ikhwan[1] in April 1913.[2] The Oasis of al-Hasa was conquered from an Ottoman garrison, who had controlled the area since 1871.[3]

Conquest of al-Hasa
Part of the Unification of Saudi Arabia
DateApril 1913

Emirate of Riyadh (Saudi) victory

  • Incorporation of al-Hasa into Saudi Emirate
Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire

Flag of the Third Saudi State-01.svg Flag of the Emirate of Riyadh (1902-1913).svg Emirate of Riyadh

Commanders and leaders
Ottoman Empire Unknown Flag of the Third Saudi State-01.svg Flag of the Emirate of Riyadh (1902-1913).svg Abdulaziz Ibn Saud
Units involved
Ottoman Empire Ottoman garrison Flag of Ikhwan.svg Ikhwan militia[1]

The Shia religious community leaders of al-Hasa negotiated a surrender and recognition of the Saudi political authority in exchange for leniency and religious freedom, which was granted at the time by Ibn Saud.[1]

The Ottomans swiftly acknowledged the loss of al-Hasa, and recognized al-Hasa and Nejd as being under the rule of Ibn Saud.[2]

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