Commonwealth Boxing Council

The Commonwealth Boxing Council (CBC) is a governing body that sanctions professional boxing bouts for territories within the Commonwealth, and is an affiliate of the WBC.[1][2]

Commonwealth Boxing Council
1954; 70 years ago (1954) (as The Empire and Commonwealth Championships Committee)

1997; 27 years ago (1997) (as Commonwealth Boxing Council)

TypeNon-profit institution
PurposeBoxing sanctioning organisation
Region served
Frederick Stirrup JP



The Commonwealth Boxing Council first started in 1954 as the Empire and Commonwealth Championships Committee, formed by the British Boxing Board of Control,[3] to officially award a Commonwealth title. Before its formation, boxers from select territories within the British Empire fought for the 'Empire title',[4][5][6] the first of such titles being awarded to British featherweight champion Jim Driscoll in 1908 after defeating Australian Charlie Griffin on points.[7][8] In 1972, the Empire and Commonwealth Championships Committee was re-organised as the 'Commonwealth Championships Committee'. In 1997 the organisation was incorporated as a separate entity from the British Boxing Board of Control and renamed the Commonwealth Boxing Council.[9]

In 2018, the first female version of the Commonwealth title was awarded to Anisha Basheel of Malawi on 15 June.[10]

On 12 June 2023, a new championship, the Commonwealth “Silver” title, was created. This title works similarly to the British Boxing Board of Control English title, with the holders of both belts being subject to consideration of becoming mandatory challenger for the British and Commonwealth titles, as well as being fought for over 10 rounds.[11] Mark Jeffers became the first fighter to win a Commonwealth Silver title when he defeated English super middleweight champion Zak Chelli in July 2023, while Jack Rafferty became the first fighter to have held both Commonwealth Silver and Commonwealth titles when he won the latter at super-lightweight in December 2023

Current champions



Weight class: Champion: Reign began:
Heavyweight Fabio Wardley 28 October 2023
Cruiserweight Jack Massey 15 June 2024
Light-heavyweight Joshua Buatsi 3 February 2024
Super-middleweight Zak Chelli 20 January 2024
Middleweight Hamzah Sheeraz 26 November 2022
Super-welterweight Sam Gilley 21 October 2023
Welterweight Harry Scarff 18 November 2023
Super-lightweight Jack Rafferty 16 December 2023
Lightweight Sam Noakes 26 November 2022
Super-featherweight Reece Bellotti 21 October 2023
Featherweight Nathaniel Collins 31 July 2021
Super-bantamweight Dennis McCann 26 November 2022
Bantamweight Ashley Lane 22 March 2024
Super-flyweight Marcel Braithwaite 9 June 2023
Flyweight Jay Harris 24 February 2024
Light-flyweight Craig Derbyshire 8 December 2023


Weight class: Champion: Reign began:
Super-welterweight vacant
Welterweight vacant
Super-lightweight Sarah Achieng 16 December 2022
Lightweight vacant
Super-featherweight Kirsty Hill 15 September 2023
Featherweight Amy Andrew 27 April 2024
Super-bantamweight Tysie Gallagher 14 April 2023
Bantamweight Johanna Wonyou 12 March 2023
Super-flyweight Emma Dolan 25 March 2023
Flyweight Nicola Hopewell 20 April 2024
Light-flyweight vacant

Member organisations

  • Ghana Boxing Authority
  • Kenya Professional Boxing
  • Professional Boxing Control Board (Namibia)
  • Nigeria Boxing Board of Control
  • Boxing South Africa
  • Uganda Professional Boxing Commission
  • Tanzania Professional Boxing
  • Zambia Professional Boxing and Wrestling Control Board
  • Indian Boxing Council
  • Australian National Boxing Federation
  • New Zealand Professional Boxing Association
  • Bahamas Boxing Commission
  • Professional Boxing Association (Barbados)
  • Guyana Boxing Board of Control
  • Jamaica Boxing Board of Control
  • Trinidad and Tobago Boxing Board
  • British Boxing Board of Control
  • National Championships Committee (Canada)

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