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Combinatorica is an international journal of mathematics, publishing papers in the fields of combinatorics and computer science. It started in 1981, with László Babai and László Lovász as the editors-in-chief with Paul Erdős as honorary editor-in-chief. The current editors-in-chief are László Babai, László Lovász, and Alexander Schrijver. The advisory board consists of Ronald Graham, András Hajnal, Gyula O. H. Katona, Miklós Simonovits, and Vera Sós. It is published by the János Bolyai Mathematical Society and Springer Verlag.

Edited byLászló Babai, László Lovász, and Alexander Schrijver
Publication details
History1981 to present
Standard abbreviations
ISO 4Combinatorica
ISSN0209-9683 (print)
1439-6912 (web)

The following members of the Hungarian School of Combinatorics have strongly contributed to the journal as authors, or have served as editors: Miklós Ajtai, József Beck, András Frank, Péter Frankl, Zoltán Füredi, András Hajnal, Gyula Katona, László Pyber, Miklós Simonovits, Vera Sós, Endre Szemerédi, Tamás Szőnyi, Éva Tardos, Gábor Tardos.[1][2]

Notable publicationsEdit

M. Grötschel, L. Lovász, A. Schrujver: The ellipsoid method and its consequences in combinatorial optimization, Combinatorica, 1(1981), 169–197.
J. Beck: Roth's estimate of the discrepancy of integer sequences is nearly sharp, Combinatorica, 1(1981), 319–325.
N. Karmarkar: A New Polynomial Time Algorithm for Linear Programming, Combinatorica, 4(1984), 373–395.
  • Szegedy's solution of Graham problem on common divisors
M. Szegedy: The solution of Graham's greatest common divisor problem, Combinatorica, 6(1986), 67–71.
E. Tardos, A strongly polynomial minimum cost circulation algorithm, Combinatorica, 5(1985), 247–256.
M. El-Zahar, N. W. Sauer: The chromatic number of the product of two 4-chromatic graphs is 4, Combinatorica, 5(1985), 121–126.
  • Bollobás's asymptotic value of the chromatic number of random graphs.
B. Bollobás: The chromatic number of random graphs, Combinatorica, 8(1988), 49–55.
N. Robertson, P. D. Seymour, R. Thomas: Hadwiger's conjecture for K6-free graphs, Combinatorica, 13 (1993), 279–361.


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