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COMBATPAC was the title, from 1922 to 1944, of the United States Navy officer who commanded the battleships of the larger United States Battle Fleet in the Pacific (Commander, Battleships, Pacific).

When formed in 1922, the Battle Fleet (renamed Battle Force in 1930 and Pacific Fleet in 1941), included various type commands. The battleship type was led by the COMBATPAC, generally a three-star vice admiral or two-star rear admiral. The COMBATPAC had five rear admirals (lower half) reporting to him, each leading a Battleship Division.

In late 1944, the battleships was reorganized into two type commands, each led by a vice admiral. Battleships Squadron One consisted of the Old Battleships, while Battleship Squadron Two consisted of the Fast Battleships.


Former Commanders, Battleships, Battle Fleet

Former Commanders, Battleships, Battle Force

Former Commanders, Battleships, Pacific Fleet

  • Rear Admiral Walter S. Anderson, USN (10 April 1942 - 28 September 1942)
  • Vice Admiral Herbert Fairfax Leary, USN (28 September 1942 - 16 April 1943)
  • Vice Admiral Willis Augustus Lee, USN (16 April 1943 - 15 December 1944)

Former Commanders, Battleship Squadrons, Pacific Fleet

Squadron One

Squadron Two

  • Vice Admiral Willis A. Lee, USN (15 December 1944 - 25 August 1945)
  • Rear Admiral John F. Shafroth, USN (25 August 1945 - 2 September 1945)

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