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Columbia TriStar Television, Inc. (abbreviated as CTT) was an American television production and distribution studio that was active for eight years from 1994 to 2002. It was established in 1994 with the merger of Columbia Pictures Television and TriStar Television. It was operated as the third name of the early television studio Screen Gems and the fourth name of Pioneer Telefilms, both part of Sony Pictures Entertainment and the third company to use the Columbia and TriStar names together (the first being Columbia TriStar Home Video, now Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and the second; Columbia TriStar International Television).

Columbia TriStar Television, Inc.
IndustryTelevision production
Broadcast syndication
FateRenamed as Sony Pictures Television
PredecessorPioneer Telefilms (1947–1948)
Screen Gems (1948–1974)
Columbia Pictures Television (1974–2001)
TriStar Television (1986–1988, 1991–1999)
SuccessorSony Pictures Television (2002–present)
FoundedFebruary 21, 1994; 26 years ago (February 21, 1994)
DefunctSeptember 16, 2002; 18 years ago (September 16, 2002)
Headquarters10202 West Washington Boulevard, Culver City, California, United States
Area served
Key people
Samuel White (Co-President)
ParentSony Pictures
DivisionsAdelaide Productions
Columbia Pictures Television
TriStar Television
Trackdown Productions
Columbia TriStar International Television
SubsidiariesELP Communications
Califon Productions
Jeopardy Productions
Rastar Television


Columbia TriStar Television was launched on February 21, 1994, as a merger between Columbia Pictures Television and TriStar Television under the leadership of Jon Feltheimer, who was president of TriStar Television from 1991 to 1994 and New World Television until 1991. After the merger, Columbia Pictures Television Distribution was renamed as Columbia TriStar Television Distribution,[1][2][3] but the old name continued to appear on-screen until 1995. The new studio first entered production after dismantling and folding Merv Griffin Enterprises on June 4, 1994, by producing Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune (distributed by King World) starting in September 1994.[4][5] Expanding its television library in 1994, SPE acquired Stewart Television.

Its global subsidiary, Columbia TriStar International Television, distributed Sony's programs across the globe. It was created in 1992 by merging Columbia Pictures International Television with TriStar Television. This was also the launch of the Columbia TriStar Television Group two years later.

Within dismantling of Columbia Pictures Television in 2001 and TriStar Television in 1999, these studios were folded into Columbia TriStar Television. In 1998, it made a partnership with Global Maritime Group to create the company called Global Entertainment Productions GmbH & Co. Medien KG used for copyright purposes. Here are the exceptions those: Columbia TriStar Television, Inc. remains as the copyright holder for The King of Queens, TriStar Television, Inc. remains as the copyright holder for Early Edition, and Adelaide Productions, Inc. is the copyright holder for animated series, except for Dilbert (see below).[6] In 1999, they went back to the old way and ELP and TriStar TV ceased production operations. TriStar Television, however, remained in-name-only until it was relaunched in May 2015. On October 25, 2001, after this doom division, Columbia TriStar Network Television was shut down, they learned that this path was blocked to Sony thanks to its Japanese ownership. And on the same day, CTT and CTTD merged to form Columbia TriStar Domestic Television.[7]

End of CTTEdit

On September 16, 2002, Sony Pictures Entertainment retired the "Columbia TriStar" name from television and renamed the American studio as Sony Pictures Television and its international division as Sony Pictures Television International.[8] Some shows continued using the CTDT name, although many stopped using it in November 2002, while Hollywood Squares continued using it until early 2003.

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