The Colton Line was a local streetcar line, mostly known as being a service of the Pacific Electric. It operated between Colton and San Bernardino, one of two lines in service between the two cities.[1]

Eighth Street, Colton late 1910s.jpg
Car 136 in service on 8th Street in Colton, 1910
LocaleInland Empire
  • San Bernardino
  • Colton
SystemPacific Electric
Opened1902 (1902)
ClosedFebruary 22, 1942 (1942-02-22)
Line length4.24 mi (6.82 km)
Number of tracks1
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8+12 in) standard gauge
Electrification600 V DC Overhead lines


The line was established by the San Bernardino Valley Traction Company in 1902.[2] The company was absorbed into the Pacific Electric in 1911. In 1913 the service was through-routed with the D Street–Highland Avenue Line. Completion of the more direct San Bernardino–Riverside Line in late 1914 greatly reduced demand on the line, with ridership reduced by more than half on the old line the following year. Despite its lesser popularity, the Colton Line outlasted the shorter route, remaining in service until February 22, 1942.[3]


The line started at the Colton station at 9th and J Streets near Colton Crossing where passengers interchanged with transcontinental trains. Cars ran west on J for a block before turning north on 8th Street. At Vernon Avenue, the tracks ran northward until the main line at 3rd Street where a right turn continued into San Bernardino.[2][3]

The line connected the joint Pacific Electric and Southern Pacific stations in San Bernardino and Colton via the San Bernardino Santa Fe Depot.[4]


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