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Collarada peak is a mountain in the western Pyrenees of Huesca, situated on the northeastern Aragon near the towns of Villanúa (to the south) and Canfranc (to the west). The peak is 2,886 meters AMSL high, being the highest summit in the Jacetania comarca of Aragon.

Collarada desde Villanua.JPG
Highest point
Elevation2,886 m (9,469 ft)
ListingList of mountains in Aragon
Coordinates42°40′N 00°30′E / 42.667°N 0.500°E / 42.667; 0.500Coordinates: 42°40′N 00°30′E / 42.667°N 0.500°E / 42.667; 0.500
Collarada is located in Pyrenees
Location in the Pyrenees
LocationJacetania, Aragon
Parent rangePyrenees
First ascentUnknown
Easiest routeFrom Villanúa

A great view of this mountain can be obtained from Larres, a village that gained life again after its castle dated 14th century got restored by the "Amigos del Serrablo".

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