Cogne Valley

Val di Cogne (Italian) or Val de Cogne (French) - literally Cogne Valley - is a valley in the Aosta Valley, northern Italy.

Position of the Val di Cogne in the Aosta Valley.


The valley takes its name from Cogne, the municipality covering almost the entire part of it. Most of the valley is included in the Gran Paradiso National Park.

A landscape in the upper Cogne Valley


The valley is part of the hydrographic basin of the Dora Baltea, and has a U-Shape. Just before Cogne, four minor valleys gather to form the Cogne valley: the Valnontey, leading to the Gran Paradiso, the Grauson Valley, leading to the Grauson peak, and, eastwards, the Urtier Valley and the Valeille. All the streams from these valleys flow into the Grand Eyvia, which flows into the Dora Baltea near Aymavilles.

Coordinates: 45°37′30″N 7°19′30″E / 45.62500°N 7.32500°E / 45.62500; 7.32500