Clyde–Savannah Central School District

Clyde–Savannah Central School District is a public school district in New York State, USA that serves approximately 870 students in the villages of Clyde and Savannah in Wayne County.[2][3]

Clyde-Savannah Central School District
United States
District information
TypePublic (government funded)
GradesPre-K through 12
Established1966 (1966)
SuperintendentMichael Hayden
NCES District ID3607860[1]
Students and staff
Student–teacher ratio11.86:1
District mascotGolden Eagles
ColorsPurple and Gold    
Other information
WebsiteClyde-Savannah Central School District

The average class size is 17 students (all grades).[4]

Michael C. Hayden is the Superintendent of Schools.[2]

Former superintendentsEdit

  • George Batterson–?-2001
  • Paul R. Doyle–2001–2004
  • Richard A. Drahms–2004–2006
  • Marilyn Barr–2006–2009
  • Theresa Pulos 2009-2014


The District's 82% graduation rate exceeds the State Standard of 55%.[4]

Clyde-Savannah High SchoolEdit

Clyde-Savannah High School
215 Glasgow Street
Clyde, NY 14433
School code331405
NCES School ID360786000559[5]
PrincipalCraig Pawlak
Teaching staff21.61
Enrollment273 (2013)
Student to teacher ratio12.63:1
Hours in school day7
Athletics conferenceNYSPHSAA
Team nameGolden Eagles
WebsiteClyde-Savannah High School

Clyde-Savannah High School, formerly Clyde-Savannah Junior/Senior High School, is located at 215 Glasgow Street and serves grades 9 through 12. The current principal is Dr. Craig Pawlak.[6]


Until fall 2011, the high school served grades 7 through 12. After the closure of the middle school building, the middle school moved to the high school building and the 7th and 8th grades were then considered to be part of the middle school.

Selected former principalsEdit

  • Thomas J. Castellano–1981-1989 (Social Studies teacher - Clyde-Savannah High School, retired)
  • Anthony J. Patanzo–?-2005
  • Matthew Motala–2005–2006

Aerial ViewEdit

Clyde-Savannah Middle SchoolEdit

Clyde-Savannah Middle School
215 Glasgow Street
Clyde, NY 14433
NCES School ID360786006290[7]
PrincipalJennifer Kelly
Teaching staff12.91
Enrollment184 (2013)
Student to teacher ratio14.25:1
Hours in school day7
WebsiteClyde-Savannah Middle School

Clyde-Savannah Middle School is located in the same building as the high school.


The Middle School, formerly known as Savannah Elementary School, originally served grades 5 and 6 and was located on School Street in Savannah, New York. The Middle School building closed in 2011, moving 5th graders to the Clyde elementary building and 6th graders to the high school building. The middle school was then redefined to consist of grades 6 through 8, and to exist within the same building as the high school. The current principal is Jennifer Kelly.

Former principalsEdit

Reason for departure denoted in parentheses

  • Lynne Baker-Osserman–?-2004 (named Director of Special Education - Waterloo Central School District)
  • Belinda Crowe–2005-2014 (named Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction)

Clyde-Savannah Elementary SchoolEdit

Clyde Elementary
212 East DeZeng Street
Clyde, NY 14433
TypePublic, Coeducational
NCES School ID360786000558[8]
PrincipalJennifer Kelsey
Teaching staff32.01
Enrollment413 (2013)
Student to teacher ratio12.9:1
Hours in school day6.5
WebsiteClyde-Savannah Elementary School

Clyde-Savannah Elementary School, formerly Clyde Elementary School, is located at 212 East DeZeng Street and serves grades Pre-K through 5. The current principal is Kathryn Lumb.


The elementary school originally served kindergarten through 4th grade. After the closure of the middle school building, 5th grade was moved to the Clyde elementary building.

Selected former principalsEdit

  • James Sebring–?-2000
  • William Schmidt–2000–2009
  • Tom Castellano– 2009-2014

Other informationEdit

In April 2008, the district won a Safety Excellence award from the school system's prime insurer, Utica National Insurance Group. Of 340 schools, 54 of them –including Clyde-Savannah– received Titanium Plus status and a $500 award. To earn the award, the district documented 124 safety-related items. Dean of Students Larry Hartwell says, "We've practiced just about everything in the emergency handbook...." The state-mandated Emergency Management Plan includes detailed procedures for bomb threats, chemical spills on the railway in Clyde and severe weather. Clyde-Savannah schools have been set up with the Red Cross to act as emergency centers. If the schools must be evacuated, the district would set up a command post in the bus garage, sending all phone lines through there. If a chemical spill were to occur, the schools can immediately close all air-circulation systems that draw in outside air.[9]


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