Cleitus (mythology)

In Greek mythology, Cleitus or Clitus (/ˈkltəs/; Ancient Greek: Κλεῖτος or Κλειτός Kleitos means "renowned, famous") may refer to:

  • Cleitus, a Trojan, son of Peisenor, friend of Polydamas, killed by Teucer.[1]
  • Cleitus, another Trojan, son of Agamestor and a nymph, killed by Podalirius.[2]
  • Cleitus, son of Mantius, who was abducted by Eos because of his beauty. After his death, he was placed among other immortals. He was the father of Coeranus and grandfather of Polyeidos.[3][4][5]
  • Cleitus, son of Polyeidos, thus great-grandson of the precedent.[4]
  • Cleitus, son of Aegyptus and Tyria, who married (and was killed by) Cleite, daughter of Danaus and Memphis.[6]
  • Cleitus, suitor of Pallene, daughter of Sithon of Thrace. He eventually won Pallene's hand and inherited Sithon's kingdom.[7] Thus he may be the same as the Sithonian king Cleitus whose daughter Chrysonoe married Proteus.[8]
  • Cleitus, a minstrel at the court of Priamus.[9]


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