CleanTechnica is a US-based website dedicated to aggregating news in clean technology, sustainable energy, and electric vehicles, with a focus on Tesla.[3][4]

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Created byScott Cooney[1]
EditorZach Shahan[1]
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LaunchedJanuary 7, 2008; 15 years ago (2008-01-07)[2]
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CleanTechnica publishes stories on a wide range of topics that are cited by mainstream media such as Business Insider (on Lindsey Graham),[5] Reuters (on nanotech for energy storage),[6] ThinkProgress (on wind power in Texas),[7] The Washington Post (on suburban living),[8] Forbes (on the Byton M-Byte)[9] and Slate (on mask stockpiling during the COVID-19 pandemic).[10] ThinkProgress have also published their stories in full.[11]

In addition to their own stories CleanTechnica publish interviews with notable individuals within clean technology such as fellow at the Post Carbon Institute Richard Heinberg.[12] In collaboration with the quarterly magazine The Beam Magazine CleanTechnica publish their stories.[13][14] Starting in 2015 CleanTechnica have held an annual vote among its readers to select a Car of the Year.[15]

Staff edit

The site director is Zach Shahan, who in 2013 was found by an Appinions Auto Tech Influence Study to be a top 20 influencer in fuel economy with the top three being Elon Musk, The New York Times's John Broder and Barack Obama.[16]

Apart from its own staff CleanTechnica have accepted guest contributions from others, such as California Governor (then mayor of San Francisco) Gavin Newsom.[17]

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