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Claude Fournier (born July 23, 1931 in Waterloo, Quebec)[1] is a Canadian film director, screenwriter, editor and cinematographer.[2] He is one of the forerunners of the Cinema of Quebec. He is the twin brother of Guy Fournier.[3]

Claude Fournier
Born (1931-07-23) July 23, 1931 (age 88)
Waterloo, Quebec, Canada
OccupationFilm director
Years active1958–2005



Claude Fournier began his career in journalism then moved to the Radio-Canada as a news cameraman. He joined the National Film Board of Canada in 1957 as a writer and director, and he worked on early cinéma-vérité films such as À Saint-Henri le cinq septembre and La lutte. He left the Board to work in the United States with famed documentary filmmakers Richard Leacock and D.A. Pennebaker, then returned to Montreal in 1963 to set up his own production company, Rose Films.[4]

In 1970, he directed Deux femmes en or, one of the most successful Quebec films of its time.[5][6][7] In the private sector, Fournier produced over 100 short films, co-wrote the Sophia Loren film A Special Day, a Canada-Italy co-production that was nominated for an Oscar, and directed The Tin Flute with Marilyn Lightstone and The Book of Eve with Claire Bloom. The Tin Flute was entered into the 13th Moscow International Film Festival.[8] His 1988 TV series Les Tisserands du pouvoir (The Mills of Power) won him a Gémeaux Award for best direction of a television drama and a Genie Award for Best Screenplay.[9]

Donald Sutherland described him as "one of the truly wretched directors of the world."[10]

Also a published poet, novelist and essayist, Claude Fournier is one of the most durable and respected Quebec filmmakers of his generation.



  • Deux femmes en or (1970)
  • Les chats bottés (1971)
  • Alien Thunder (1974)
  • La pomme, la les pepins (1974)
  • Je suis loin de toi mignonne (1976)
  • Hot Dogs (a.k.a. Cops and Other Lovers, 1980)
  • Bonheur d'occasion (a.k.a. The Tin Flute, 1983)
  • Page trois: un ordinateur au coeur (1985)
  • J'en suis! (1997)
  • The Book of Eve (2003)
  • Je n'aime que toi (2004)


  • Télésphore Légaré, garde-pêche (Short film, 1959)
  • Alfred Desrochers, poète (Short film, 1960)
  • La France sur un caillou (Short film Co-Directed with Gilles Groulx, 1961)
  • La lutte (Short film Co-Directed with Michel Brault, Marcel Carrière and Claude Jutra, 1961)
  • Midwestern Floods (Short film, 1962)
  • Nehru (Short film, 1962)
  • Vingt ans express (Series of 7 shorts, 1963–1964)
  • Nomades de l'ouest (Short film, 1963)
  • Calgary Stampede (Short film, 1965)
  • Deux femmes (Short film, 1965)
  • Columbium (Short film, 1966)
  • Londres (Short film, 1966)
  • On sait où entrer Tony, mais c'est les notes (Short film, 1966)
  • Québec an 2000 (Short film Co-Directed with Aimée Danis, 1966)
  • Sebring, La cinquième heure (Short film, 1966)
  • Ti-Jean (Short film, 1966)
  • Tony Roman (Short film, 1966)
  • Du général au particulier (Short film, 1967)
  • Canada Today (Short film of Expo 67, 1967)
  • La greffe cardiaque (Short film, 1969)
  • La greffe cardiaque, symposium de Montréal (Short film, 1969)
  • Coeurs neufs (Short film a.k.a. Hearts, 1969)
  • Le dossier Nelligan (1969)
  • ...Et Dieu créa l'été (Short film Co-Directed with Marie-José Raymond, 1974)
  • Aliments, gentils aliments (Short film Co-Directed with Marie-José Raymond, 1975)


  • The Newcomers - TV miniseries, 1977)
  • The New Avengers - TV series, 1977
  • Tales of the Klondike - TV miniseries a.k.a. The Scorn of Women, 1981
  • The Mills of Power (Les tisserands du pouvoir) - TV miniseries, 1987
  • Golden Fiddles - TV miniseries, 1990
  • Juliette Pomerleau - TV miniseries, 1999
  • Félix Leclerc: Les esprits du fleuve - TV miniseries, 2005


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