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Civis Analytics is an Eric Schmidt-backed data science startup company founded by Dan Wagner in 2013.[1]

Civis Analytics
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Civis Analytics helps businesses "understand their data, use that data to make predictions, and get recommendations on what steps to take next".[1] Some of Civis Analytics' customers are Verizon, Airbnb, and the 2020 US Census done in partnership with Young & Rubicam.[1] They have also done data science work for Ethical Electric, Discovery Communications and the College Board.[2]

The company helps predict the correct behavior and attitude of people through understand both customers and potential customers.[1] They have automated a lot of rote tasks such as importing copy and cleaning and exporting data, allowing their data scientist to focus on higher value work.[2]


Education and healthEdit

Civis is focused on education and health.[3] In the education sector, they help identify low income students and help organizations identify means to get those kids into the appropriate colleges.[3]

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