Civic Response

Civic Response (Hungarian: Polgári Válasz) is a Hungarian centre-right to right-wing, civic conservative political party founded in 2020 by János Bencsik [hu], an independent MP.

Civic Response
Polgári Válasz
PresidentJános Bencsik [hu]
FounderJános Bencsik [hu]
Founded4 December 2020 (2020-12-04)
Split fromJobbik
IdeologyLiberal conservatism
Christian democracy
Economic liberalism
Political positionCentre-right to right-wing
Colours  Brick red
Slogan«Tradition, Efficiency, Responsibility»
(Hungarian: «Hagyomány, teljesítmény, felelősség»)
National Assembly
2 / 199
European Parliament
0 / 21
County Assemblies
2 / 381


The party wants to create a society based on civic virtues. They cherish Hungary's Christian cultural heritage, the nation and the family as a fundamental social institution. Instead of a nanny state, they emphasize individual responsibility and civic autonomy. The party also aims to create a strong middle-class. They also stand for freedom of speech and academic and artistic liberty. Their political creed focuses on community service and moral renewal as well.[1]


János Bencsik, a former Jobbik MP, founded the Civic Response on 4 December 2020, because Jobbik joined the electoral coalition of the left-wing opposition parties.[2][3] On February 21, 2021, another MP Tamás Sneider joined the Civic Response.[4] Currently, the party has two MPs in the Hungarian Nationally Assembly, as well as several County Assembly members, local mayors and councillors.[5]

History of leadersEdit

Image Name Entered office Left office Length of Leadership
1   János Bencsik [hu] 4 December 2020 present 1 year, 6 months and 19 days

Electoral resultsEdit

National AssemblyEdit

Election Votes Seats Rank Government Leader
# % ±pp # +/−
2022 521 0.01% New
0 / 199
  9th Extra-parliamentary János Bencsik [hu]


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