Civic Guard Merit Medal

The Medal of Merit of the Civil Guard (Dutch: medaille van verdienste van de burgerwacht, French: Médaille du mérite de la garde civique) is a decoration of Belgium. It was established on 18 November 1830 and was awarded to members of the Belgian Civil Guard for distinguished service.[1]

Medal of Merit of the Civil Guard
TypeMilitary decoration
Awarded forDistinguished service
Presented by Kingdom of Belgium
EligibilityMembers of the Belgian Civic guard
Established19 November 1830
First awarded1830
Last awarded1830
Total awarded posthumously0
Total recipients5



The medal is circular and gold-plated. the obverse bears a climbing lion holding up a lance surmounted by a phrenic cap, symbolizing liberty and freedom. Below the lion, the name of the creator of the medal is written (Braemt F.). The reverse of the medal shows a wreath similar to the one surrounding the Maltese cross of the Order of Leopold, being a wreath of laurel (left) and oak leaves (right). Within, the French text "recompense civique" (civil reward) is written.



The ribbon is 35 mm wide and consists of the following stripes:

  1. 5,6 mm Red;
  2. 1,6 mm Dark green;
  3. 5,6 mm White;
  4. 1,6 mm Dark green;
  5. 11,3 mm Red;
  6. 1,6 mm Dark green;
  7. 5,6 mm White;
  8. 1,6 mm Dark green;
  9. 5,6 mm Red;

Award conditions


The medal was awarded by the Belgian provisional government to members of the Belgian Civil Guard for distinguished service. Only five medals were ever awarded.[2]

Order of precedence


The order of precedence of the medal was never formally established.


  1. Baron Emmanuel van der Linden d'Hooghvorst
  2. Colonel Knight Van Coeckelberghe de Dudzele
  3. Major François Michiels
  4. An unknown sergeant
  5. An unknown member of the guard

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