Citizen's Party (Turkey)

Citizen's Party (Turkish: Vatandaş Partisi) was a former political party in Turkey.

The founder of the party was Vural Arıkan who was the minister of finance in the 45th government of Turkey between 13 December 1983 - 26 October 1984. Following interparty strife, he resigned from the Motherland Party on 17 May 1985[1] and founded the Citizen's Party on 18 March 1986.[1] There were only two deputies of the party; Vural Arıkan (İstanbul deputy) and his sister Turkan Arıkan (Edirne deputy).[2] After the defeat in the 1986 by-elections however, the party dissolved itself on 2 December 1986, and Arıkan joined the True Path Party.[3]


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