Cilindro de Marboré

Cilindro de Marboré (3,328 m) (also known as Pico Cilindro and Pic du Cylindre) is a mountain in the Monte Perdido massif in the Pyrenees.

Cilindro de Marboré
northern side of the Pico Cilindro in Winter
Highest point
Elevation3,328 m (10,919 ft)
Prominence251 m (823 ft) Edit this on Wikidata
ListingList of mountains in Aragon
Coordinates42°41′5″N 0°01′26″E / 42.68472°N 0.02389°E / 42.68472; 0.02389Coordinates: 42°41′5″N 0°01′26″E / 42.68472°N 0.02389°E / 42.68472; 0.02389
Cilindro de Marboré is located in Pyrenees
Cilindro de Marboré
Cilindro de Marboré
Location in the Pyrenees
LocationHuesca, Spain
Parent rangePyrenees
Mountain typeLimestone
First ascent1864 by Henry Russell and Hippolyte Passet
Easiest routerock scramble, II

It is one of the three mountains comprising Las Tres Sorores (the three sisters), the others being Monte Perdido (3,355 m) and Soum de Ramond (3,263 m).

It is the northernmost point of Spain crossed by the IERS Reference Meridian.

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