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The Cians is a mountain river that flows through the Alpes-Maritimes department of southeastern France. Its source is in the mountains north of Beuil, and it flows into the Var in Touët-sur-Var.

Gorges du Cians 2.jpg
Cians Gorge
Country France
Physical characteristics
Main source Maritime Alps
44°7′29″N 7°0′12″E / 44.12472°N 7.00333°E / 44.12472; 7.00333
River mouth Var
43°56′50″N 6°59′17″E / 43.94722°N 6.98806°E / 43.94722; 6.98806Coordinates: 43°56′50″N 6°59′17″E / 43.94722°N 6.98806°E / 43.94722; 6.98806
Length 25 km (16 mi)
Basin features
Progression VarMediterranean Sea
The “Grimacing human face” : some strange pareidolia in the Gorges du Cians.

The Cians flows though the following communes:

This river runs through a canyon of red shale, named "Gorges du Cians", with formations of eroded rock.