Church of St. Paraskeva, Drsnik

The Cemetery Church of St. Petka (Albanian: Kishës varrezore e Shen Premtes, Serbian Cyrillic: Гробљанска црква Свете Петке) is a Serbian Orthodox church in Drsnik, in the municipality of Klina, Kosovo. It was built in the period from 1560 to 1570 and has been designated a cultural monument of exceptional importance. It was burned and damaged by the Albanians after the Kosovo War ended in 1999.

Church of St. Petka in Drsnik
Гробљанска црква Свете Петке у Дрснику
AffiliationSerbian Orthodox
Year consecrated1560/1570
LocationDrsnik, Kosovo
Official name: Serbian Orthodox Church of St. Parascheva of the Balkans
TypeMonument of Culture of Exceptional Importance
Designated16 April 1958
Reference no.SK 1384


The graveyard church in Drsnik is a small church located in the centre of the village and dedicated to the Saint Petka (Saint Parascheva). The church is a single-nave building with a plinth of rough stone and a complex roof covered with stone slabs. Two narrow windows, one on the south wall, and the other on the apse, illuminate the interior. The frescoes have been preserved only on the lower surfaces and show a clear drawing, coloristic variety and a high technological level of work. The church has no historical data, but based on the quality of frescoes it dates from the seventies of the 16th century.[1]

The destruction of the church in 1999Edit

In June 1999, after the arrival of the Italian KFOR troops, the church was burned and badly damaged by the Kosovo Albanians.[1]

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