Christian III, Count of Oldenburg

Count Christian III of Oldenburg (first attested in 1269 – 1285) was a ruling Count of Oldenburg. His parents were John I of Oldenburg and Richeza (or Rixa) of Hoya-Stumpenhausen.

Christian III
Count of Oldenburg
Noble familyHouse of Oldenburg
Spouse(s)Jutta of Bentheim
FatherJohn I, Count of Oldenburg
MotherRicheza of Hoya-Stumpenhausen


Christian III was first mentioned in a document in 1269 as Dei gratia comes in Aldenborch. From 1272, his brother Otto II appears as co-ruler.

During the early years of his reign, the ministeriales, led by the Knight Robert von Westerholt, revolted. The rebels managed to invade the city of Oldenburg. Christian, who was still defending Oldenburg Castle, set the city on fire, so that the attackers were left with neither food nor shelter, and had to withdraw. Christian pursued them, and decisively defeated them in the Battle of the Tungeler Marsh. Robert von Westerholt and other rebellious noblemen were taken prisoner. The chronicle of Rasted describes his victory in great detail.

In contemporary sources, Christian is described as peace-loving ("... the peasants lived in peace and complete tranquility") and friendly towards the church. He was pious and also knew how to enjoy life ("... loved a good wine").

He married Jutta of Bentheim and had three sons. His oldest son, John II succeeded in 1285 as Count of Oldenburg; Otto became Archbishop of Bremen in 1344.

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Christian III, Count of Oldenburg
 Died: 1285
Regnal titles
Preceded by
John I
Count of Oldenburg
Succeeded by
John II