Chopol(조뽈), Chopolship,[1] the Korean-Polish Shipping Society Chopol (조선-뽈스까해운유한책임회사, Koreańsko-Polskie Towarzystwo Żeglugowe) - a Polish-North-Korean company dealing in the maritime transport of goods. It is the only company with Polish capital that operates in North Korea, with seat in Pyongyang. There is a branch of the Society in Gdynia in Poland.

Korean-Polish Shipping Society
TypeState-owned enterprise
Founded[1965], 1987
Foundergovernments of DPRK and Poland
Area served
Southeast Asia
ServicesFreight forwarding

The company's history began in 1965, when the Korean-Polish Society of Brokers (조선-뽈스까중개인협회, Koreańsko-Polskie Towarzystwo Maklerów) was established, dealing in trade in sea cargo. It was transformed into Chopol.

The company was established in 1987 in order to maintain a constant trade exchange. It was supposed to bring magnesite to the Polish People's Republic, while Polish coke was to be transported to North Korea. The company had a small fleet, consisting of several vessels (including Pukchang, Pong Su), but currently it has only one unit - the Chopol 2 bulk carrier, which cruises mainly in the region of Southeast Asia. The crew of the ship are exclusively Koreans.

During its activity, the company dealt with transport (except for assumed goods, i.e. coke and magnesite), including: rice, sugar and wood.[2]

The company was liquidated in 2018.[3]