Chongbang Fortress

Jŏngbang Castle (Korean: 정방산성) is a Koguryo-era mountain fortress located outside Sariwŏn, North Hwanghae Province, North Korea. Cresting the ridges of Mt. Jŏngbang, the castle was founded as a fortress for the defence of the Koguryo capital of Pyongyang. Rebuilt in 1632, the castle is encircled by over 12 kilometres of 6-metre high stone walls, which extend to over ten metres tall in some places. The walls are pierced by four large gates, the most well preserved of which is the south one. Inside the castle, there are the ruins of commander's posts, barracks, arsenals, armories, granaries, storehouses.[1]

Chongbang Fortress
Revised RomanizationJeongbangsanseong

The famous Sŏngbul Temple, founded in 898 and containing some of the oldest wooden buildings in North Korea, is located within the castle's walls.

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