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The Chishui River (Chinese: 赤水河; literally "Red Water River") is a river in China. It is a tributary of the Wei River. It is near the town of Chishui (Chinese: 赤水镇), in Hua County, under the jurisdiction of Weinan, in the northwestern province of Shaanxi.[1]

On December 30, 2009, the Lanzhou–Zhengzhou–Changsha product oil pipeline that connects Lanzhou, Gansu with Zhengzhou, Henan burst, spilling 150,000 litres (40,000 US gal) of diesel oil into the Chishui River.[2] For details, see the article Yellow River oil spill.


Coordinates: 28°48′01″N 105°50′56″E / 28.8002°N 105.8488°E / 28.8002; 105.8488