Chipollino (film)

Chipollino (Russian: Чиполлино) is a 1972 Soviet musical comedy film directed by Tamara Lisitsian [ru]. The film is also known as Cipollino (International informal title and English / Italian title).

Chipollino 1972.jpg
Directed byTamara Lisitsian [ru]
Produced byValery Gandrabura
Written byFelix Krivin (dialogue)
Tamara Lisitsian [ru](dialogue and screenplay)
Samuil Marshak (dialogue and screenplay)
Gianni Rodari (novel and screenplay)
StarringAleksandr Yelistratov
Vladimir Basov
Rina Zelyonaya
Narrated byGianni Rodari
Music byVladislav Kazenin
CinematographyDmitri Korzhikhin
Edited byOlga Etenko
CountrySoviet Union


Residents of the village where the Chipollino boy-onion live, gathered in the market square for a solemn meeting with Prince Lemon, who had come to them. In a crush that arose from a large number of people gathered, Cipollino's father Cipollone, accidentally stepped on the prince's leg and was imprisoned, like a rebel and troublemaker.


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