Chinese Studio (Chinese: 欢乐汉语) is a 5-minute English radio program that is a Chinese lesson that occurs at the end of each China Radio International broadcast. For example, at the end of China Drive, this program will air.

The Chinese lessons are usually an entertaining dialogue between a non-Chinese male and a Chinese female.

General Theme of the Program Edit

The theme is generally done on a week by week basis with one topic per week and a lesson review on Sundays. For example, if the lesson is about purchasing a car, the words used in the lessons will be focused around that theme for the entire week.

Air Personalities Edit

  • Yajie - a lady who has been with the program the longest
  • Brendan (the current male non-Chinese host, as of April 16, 2007)

Past Hosts Edit

  • Cam (the previous male non-Chinese host, until April 15, 2007)
  • Michael
  • Raymond
  • James
  • Chris
  • Shanshan (Sit-in for Yajie, ep. 111)
  • (others not listed)

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