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NIO 333 FE Team

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The NIO 333 FE Team is a motor racing team currently competing in the FIA Formula E Championship, an electric racing series. The team is currently owned by Lisheng Racing.[2]

United Kingdom NIO 333 FE Team
NIO 333 logo.png
BaseOxford, United Kingdom
Team principal(s)Christian Silk[1]
Current seriesFormula E
Current driversUnited Kingdom Oliver Turvey
China Ma Qinghua
FIA Formula E:
2014–15: Nelson Piquet Jr.

The team, previously competing under the names China Racing, NEXTEV TCR, NEXTEV NIO and (most recently) NIO Formula E Team, has participated in the FIA Formula E Championship ever since its inaugural season (2014), winning the first FIA Formula E Drivers' Championship with Nelson Piquet Jr.[3]


China Racing was the second team (behind the Drayson Racing project which then transformed into Trulli GP) to announce its involvement in Formula E, back in March 2013.[4]

2014–15 seasonEdit

Antonio García (front) and Nelson Piquet Jr. (back) at the 2014 Punta del Este ePrix, running the original liveries.
Charles Pic in his final Formula E appearance at the 2015 Berlin ePrix, running the redesigned 2015 livery.

China Racing announced Nelson Piquet Jr. and Ho-Pin Tung as their drivers for the inaugural season.[5] Over the course of the season, the team has used multiple drivers in the car no. 88, with Tung taking part in three rounds, Antonio García in two rounds, Charles Pic in four rounds, before ultimately picking Oliver Turvey for the final double-header weekend in London. Piquet, on the other hand, completed the full season and managed to win the championship in the final race of the season.[6]

In 2015, the China Racing name and branding had phased out. For the Long Beach ePrix, the team introduced radical changes to their livery, removing the red and yellow which has been previously associated with the team and replacing it with NEXTEV branding.[7] The move was finalised in the following round in Monaco, which the team entered as NEXTEV TCR instead of China Racing.[8]

Despite Piquet winning the championship, NEXTEV TCR only finished fourth in Teams' Championship, as his teammates only added 8 points, the team scoring 152 points in total.

2015–16 seasonEdit

NEXTEV TCR chose to develop their own powertrain for the second season and began testing it in the summer of 2015. The team also confirmed Piquet, who was signed on a multi-year deal.[9] Turvey was later confirmed as Piquet's teammate for the season.[10] In 2016, NEXTEV acquired the whole team, which at the time was still partially owned by Team China Racing (hence the 'TCR' part in its name).[11]

The 2015–16 season was a disappointment for the team. Piquet and Turvey only scored 19 points in total, falling down to ninth place in Teams' Championship, only ahead of Trulli, who withdrew from the championship in its early stages. Turvey scored the team's best season result with a sixth place at the first round in Beijing.

2016–17 seasonEdit

Piquet and Turvey were retained for the 2016–17 season.[12] The team, previously operated by Campos Racing, was set to form its own operational and engineering team, led by Gerry Hughes.[13] A new branding, NEXTEV NIO, was introduced for the season.

While the team's performance was an improvement over the previous season, it was still unable to compete for either of the Drivers' and Teams' Championships, despite setting pole positions in Hong Kong (with Piquet) and Mexico City (with Turvey). NEXTEV NIO would finish sixth with 59 points.

2017–18 seasonEdit

Oliver Turvey driving the NextEV NIO Sport 003 at the 2018 Berlin ePrix.

Piquet left the team after a performance clause allowed him to exit the team for Jaguar. Luca Filippi was announced as his replacement, while Turvey stayed with the team.[14] Ma Qinghua joined the team as a reserve driver.[15] During the season, he subbed for Filippi in Paris and Turvey in New York, who was forced to withdraw from the double-header after a hand injury.[16][17] The NextEV brand was slowly phasing out as the team now competed under the name NIO Formula E Team. The NextEV brand stayed in the name of the powertrain.

NIO cemented their position at the back of the grid and only finished eighth in Teams' Championship with 47 points. Turvey, however, managed a podium finish with a second place in Mexico City.

2018–19 seasonEdit

Tom Dillmann and Oliver Turvey were announced as the driver pairing for the 2018–19 season, meaning Turvey would compete for the team for a fourth straight full season.[18] The NextEV brand remained on the car, but the powertrain only featured NIO in its name.

The season would prove to be the biggest disappointment to date as the team only accumulated 7 points over the course of the season, all of them with Turvey, placing them last (eleventh) in Teams' Championship.

2019–20 seasonEdit

The team is set to undergo another rebrand, this time due to it being sold to Lisheng Racing.[2] On 10 September 2019, the definitive entry list was revealed, in which the team was listed under the name NIO 333 FE Team.[19] The team will not be using its own powertrains and it instead acquired last year's powertrain from GEOX Dragon.[20] NIO, however, keep their manufacturer status due to their new powertrain being homologated as such by the FIA in late August.[21] When it comes to its driver lineup, Ma Qinghua will make his return alongside Oliver Turvey.[20]


Year Chassis Powertrain Tyres No. Drivers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Points T.C.
China Racing / NEXTEV TCR1
2014–15 Spark SRT01-e SRT01-e2 M BEI PUT PDE BUE MIA LBH MCO BER MSC LON 152 4th
88   Ho-Pin Tung 16 11 11
  Antonio García 11 19
  Charles Pic 17 16 8 15
  Oliver Turvey 9 9
99   Nelson Piquet Jr. 8 Ret 2 3 5 1 3 4 1 5 7
2015–16 Spark SRT01-e NEXTEV TCR FormulaE 001 M BEI PUT PDE BUE MEX LBH PAR BER LON 19 9th
1   Nelson Piquet Jr. 15† 8 15† 12 13 Ret Ret 13 12 9
88   Oliver Turvey 6 Ret 12 9 11 12 13 12 15† 10
2016–17 Spark SRT01-e NEXTEV FormulaE 002 M HKG MRK BUE MEX MCO PAR BER NYC MTL 59 6th
3   Nelson Piquet Jr. 11 16 5 9 4 7 12 12 11 16 13 16
88   Oliver Turvey 8 7 9 Ret 13 12 10 9 6 14 15 17
NIO Formula E Team
2017–18 Spark SRT01-e NextEV NIO Sport 003 M HKG MRK SCL MEX PDE RME PAR BER ZUR NYC 47 8th
16   Oliver Turvey 16 6 Ret 16 2 7 12 7 5 9 DNS
  Ma Qinghua 13
68   Luca Filippi 10 Ret 16 12 14 13 13 17 Ret 15 Ret
  Ma Qinghua 17
2018–19 Spark SRT05e NIO Sport 004 M ADR MRK SCL MEX HKG SYX RME PAR MCO BER BRN NYC 7 11th
8   Tom Dillmann 14 17 Ret 15 12 12 15 Ret 14 19 16 Ret 14
16   Oliver Turvey 13 16 8 12 9 11 13 14 Ret 18 15 10 13
NIO 333 FE Team
3   Oliver Turvey 15 DSQ
33   Ma Qinghua 20 19
  • ^1 – The team's official name got changed to NEXTEV TCR prior to the 2015 Monaco ePrix.
  • ^2 – In the inaugural season, all teams were supplied with a spec powertrain by McLaren.
  • ^3 – The powertrain is a rebadged Penske EV-3 used by GEOX Dragon in the 2018–19 season.[21]
  • † – Driver did not finish the race, but was classified as he completed over 90% of the race distance.
  • * – Season still in progress.


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