Chimalpilli I

Chimalpilli I was a tlatoani (ruler) of the Aztec altepetl (city-state) of Ecatepec from 1428 until his death in 1465. He was the first known historical king of that city.[1]

Chimalpilli I
Tlatoani of Ecatepec
An image of an Aztec king
FatherHuehue Huanitzin
MotherChichimecacihuatzin II

He was also known as Huehue Chimalpilli.

There was also Chimalpilli II.


Chimalpilli was a son of Chichimecacihuatzin II. Her father was an Aztec emperor Moctezuma I and her mother was queen Chichimecacihuatzin I.[2]

His father was Huehue Huanitzin, a "great leader" of Itztapalapan.

His successor was Tezozomoc, son of Emperor Chimalpopoca.

Family treeEdit

Chimalpilli had a son called Matlaccoatzin, and he is sometimes called a king.

Huehue TezozomoctliChimalpilli I
Ruler of Ecatepec
Ruler of Tenochtitlan
Prince of Ecatepec
Tezozomoctli AcolnahuacatlTlacuilolxochtzinMoctezuma II
Ruler of Tenochtitlan
Queen of Ecatepec
Don Diego de Alvarado Huanitzin
Ruler of Ecatepec and Tenochtitlan
Doña Francisca de Moctezuma
Hernando de Alvarado Tezozomoc
Preceded by
Tlatoani of Ecatepec
Succeeded by


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