Tlacuilolxochtzin (Nahuatl: tɬakʷilolʃotʃtsin) was an Aztec noblewoman of very noble heritage, Lady of Ecatepec and sister of queen Tlapalizquixochtzin.

Princess of Ecatepec
Spouse(s)Tezozomoctli Acolnahuacatl
Diego de Alvarado Huanitzin
Don Francisco Matlaccoatzin
Don Carlos Oquiztzin


She was a Princess - the daughter of Tlatoani Matlaccoatzin and thus granddaughter of the Tlatoani Chimalpilli I.[1]

Tlacuilolxochtzin was a relative to several Aztec Emperors and she married Prince Tezozomoctli Acolnahuacatl of Tenochtitlan.

Their sons were Tlatoani Diego de Alvarado Huanitzin (the first governor of Tenochtitlan), and one lord who went to Spain.[2]


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